Lay Off the Messaging

Enough already with “why is the messaging on the vaccines so bad?” It’s not bad. It reflects reality. Shit isn’t working. What people confused for effectiveness was seasonality. It’s a seasonal virus. The seasonality made it look for a few months like the Pfizer shot worked. Then a new flu season started and it came back.

“Why are they behaving like the vaccines aren’t working?” Make a wild guess, genius. It was a new, highly experimental therapy. Hmm, what could have possibly happened?

If it worked, we wouldn’t be back in masks, hearing endless threats on TV, with 300% more infections than at the same time last year when zero people were vaccinated, and the daily deaths quintupling since early August. And that’s before the Northeast gets hit with the seasonal wave.

It’s not “messaging” that’s the problem.

2 thoughts on “Lay Off the Messaging

    1. “This was the second time our brave health dictatorship failed to use the obvious, purpose-built exit ramp of seasonality. The first was in Spring 2020, after the entire West (with the exceptions of Sweden and Belarus) bought into mass containment and Corona infections collapsed everywhere in April. Establishment scientific voices had by this time spent two months denying that there would be significant seasonal effects, on the basis of some superficial modelling studies. As with the vaccine roll-out, denying seasonality allowed them to declare a policy victory. As with the vaccine roll-out, the stage was set for everybody to say that they had defeated Corona, fold up shop and go home. This is, you will note, exactly what China did. They tightened official testing criteria, declared the pandemic over with and never looked back. Western countries, though, kept the ball in the air all summer long, just as they are keeping the ball in the air now.”

      Yes, exactly, exactly! Thank you. It’s a seasonal respiratory virus. It isn’t going anywhere. We need to declare the fight over and move on. Every mitigation measure not only failed bit made things enormously worse. We need to go on living normally and accept the risk. I had COVID and it was bad. Really bad symptoms. And still I’m saying this because there’s no other way.

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