Biden also said he was going to protect vaccinated workers from their unvaccinated colleagues. I thought the vaccines were supposed to do that. What is he saying? Vaccines don’t work?

And please don’t tell me it’s “bad messaging.” He wasn’t making off-the-cuff remarks. This was an address to the nation that many people wrote, edited, read, and vetted.

31 thoughts on “Protector

  1. “don’t tell me it’s “bad messaging”

    Well it is bad in the sense that it’s terrible. But on the other hand, it’s completely on purpose. I decided a long time ago that the double-bind messaging behind the ‘vaccines’ was meant to create resistance precisely so that those resisting could be used as scapegoats for policy failures.

    Michael Korda, a long time ago, wrote about ‘games of weakness’ where you claim impotence and powerlessness in order to get what you want (fex: I think you deserve a raise too! But there’s no way I can get it past the board right now.. We’ll just have to be patient a little while longer….)

    Today it’s ‘games of incompetence’ engaging in public displays of seeming incompetence and stupidity in order to get what you want “You have to get the vaccine, but it won’t change anything! But you still have to get it….Trust us!” which is now morphing into “All your problems are those people who refused to get the vaccine, blame them!”

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    1. That’s exactly it. I’m tired of this constant, “well, Biden misspoke, he’s so confused, he’s so senile.” I’m sure he is but he’s not writing these speeches. There is a crowd of people working on these policies. If they are consistently saying something, we should listen. These are people who seem pretty good at getting what they want.


    2. “‘games of weakness’ where you claim impotence and powerlessness in order to get what you want”

      The colloquial term for this is “crybully”.

      I need a similar succinct term for the Biden variation…

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  2. I didn’t listen to the speech, but what I’m seeing is that he said he wanted to “reduce the number of unvaccinated” (I don’t like the idea of being “reduced”!), and followed that with this veiled threat:

    “We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.”

    Presidents threatening huge segments of the population is Not Good.

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      1. \ It’s “we” vs “them.” Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

        Be happy Biden hasn’t called the unvaccinated ‘domestic terrorists who walk around shooting viruses at the rest of us.’ 🙂

        Bennett said something similar in one of his speeches.

        I am unsure about his government’s quality of work in general, but on a personal level, Netanyahu was smarter and more restrained, more polite in his behavior.

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    1. Ah, desire. I read a ravioli package today and the instructions said to cook to “desired tenderness”. I feel like I should send this phrase to my romance-novel-writer friend: it should absolutely be the title of a cooking-themed romance 😉


  3. cliff, if it is not secret, did you have to get vaccinated? Do you also view this vaccine as extremely dangerous?

    I’ve taken 2 doses and will have to take the third because of my work. Do Polish professors have to take it too?


    1. el, if you’re not on contraception, did it have any effect on your menstrual cycle? I’m curious since Clarissa has mentioned it.

      After I got my second dose, my next period was a bit delayed, and then it got back to normal.


      1. OK, let’s lay off from interrogating people aggressively about private medical information. It’s one thing if people decide to share something but this form of unsolicited prodding is just bizarre.

        People have lost all sense of proportion with this COVID obsession. Why should a complete stranger be interrogated on whether she’s on contraception? What purpose does it serve?

        I swear, it didn’t use to be like this.

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      2. And by the way, have you wondered what can possibly delay a period “a bit” with a vaccination for a respiratory illness? Did the spike travel all the way to your reproductive system from the site of the injection? Did it cross the barrier to the brain, too? We were promised it stays at the injection site. If it doesn’t, that’s really big news. And not of a good kind.


        1. “We were promised it stays at the injection site. If it doesn’t, that’s really big news. And not of a good kind.”

          It broke a couple of months ago that the spike protein moves around for a few days and accumulates at different organs. The grant money was Canadian, the scientists talking about it speak English, the biodistribution study showing where it goes is Japanese, an interview is here: and the results for the following search term “covid vaccine away from injection site” are very different on Google vs DuckDuckGo.

          Go to exactly 3:50 in the interview and listen for 50 seconds for the relevant statements.

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          1. Thanks for the link, Just George. The most frightening for me bit was about the ovaries. I recently asked a fertility specialist, an Israeli doctor, whether taking the vaccine was not potentially harmful. He said it was great.

            It is worth to listen to this interview in full. Hope Dr. Byram Bridle fulfills his promise to put all the findings into a document to be circlulated widely since an interview won’t become widely known. The moment his document becomes widely disseminated, others in the field will have to react and hopefully find out the truth, no matter what it is.

            Hope our politicians also pay notice and demand answers instead of promoting rushing into rounds of endless vaccinations. Israel is the first country to try this on a large scale. Our politicians were boasting of being a laboratory. However, when one conducts laboratory experiments, one must know when … even not to stop but to take a step back and reconsider how to proceed.

            As for asking for private info, I am sorry I sounded prying, cliff and Clarissa. I asked since I wondered whether cliff also investigated the topic of vaccines and what were his conclusions and what Polish laws on this issue were.

            MT, I can answer since I feel OK with it. I don’t know whether the 2 doses of the vaccine affected menstrual cycle. Probably not. However, not all people experience the same side effects. Listen to the interview of Dr. Byram Bridle that Just George linked to. Different people experience different side effects, or not at all.

            What I am interested in is the % of people in whom this vaccine travelled to various places in the body and did damage. One person for a million is one thing. One in 10 people is something utterly different.


            1. “Thanks for the link, Just George. The most frightening for me bit was about the ovaries. I recently asked a fertility specialist, an Israeli doctor, whether taking the vaccine was not potentially harmful. He said it was great.”

              Anytime. Regarding what you said about the fertility specialist, perhaps look at the pictures in the following link, which show the amount of ACE2 receptor in each organ that either virus or spike protein can bind to.


              First look at the reading for the lung, and then assume that any organ with similar expression of ACE2 receptors compared to the lung will probably experience some kind of effect from either spike protein or actual virus.

              In terms of fertility, in the male, the prostate that converts male sex hormones and the epididymis which stores sperm show significant ACE2 expression, In the female, the uterus and the ovary show significant ACE2 expression.

              I don’t know how any honest fertility specialist can tell a patient that everything is okay given that the vaccines are experimental, with unknown pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics (in the interview they referred to biodistribution – basically the same thing in this discussion) given that 4 organs within the reproductive systems of both sexes are basically spike protein magnets.

              I’m not a virologist but in my opinion, any competent practitioner in this situation, in the absence of definitive information, has to assume that the vaccine will affect fertility and be persuaded that the product is safe for whose who wish to procreate with data as it becomes available.

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              1. The thinking on this is so weird. A woman takes the vaccine, starts bleeding, but then the bleeding stops, and it’s all, ah, that’s fine then. Nobody even tried to ask but why did she bleed in the first place? How does it all work? “It’s just like a measles vaccine!” And you bled from your vagina after it?

                It’s a stunning lack of curiosity and an amazing level of trust for authority.


          2. Thank you, George! I’ve talked about this a lot with a friend who is a scientist in this field. There’s undeniable evidence that the spike protein moves away from the injection site. Miocarditis in young men, for instance, is clear evidence of that. This needs to be studied at length because this is a very serious thing. But the majority of people just take the shot and can’t be assed to try to find out how it works.

            Thank you for the link!


      3. Also, what does being on contraception even have to do with it? If you hemorrhage for days after this magic vaccine both times, contraception doesn’t protect you from that.


        1. I’m sorry! Of course contraception doesn’t protect you from that and I never meant to imply that hemorrhaging for days is no big deal.

          As for asking el about contraception, I didn’t ask – I assumed that she wasn’t using it. I’ve seen other women discuss this in your comments and say they aren’t using hormonal contraception, and I must have mixed her up with someone else.

          The reason I was curious about this is that I’ve seen you mention the effects on your sister’s menstrual cycle and talk about effects on fertility, so I thought the issue was disruptions to one’s menstrual cycle. I am not on any birth control and a delayed period was the effect I observed, so the experience of someone who is on birth control is less relevant to me personally.

          To answer your question, yes, I have wondered what can possibly delay a period “a bit” with a vaccination for a respiratory illness. My assumption was that it was similar to an illness itself delaying it – your body skipping ovulation as the immune system is fighting a virus. My second dose was right before I was supposed to ovulate, and some time afterwards I felt like I usually do when I’m sick with a fever – the whole body aching.


  4. Earlier, I was reading an opinion that the Democrats were targeting political opponents and never-Democrat voters using the same tactics used by Justinian in the Nika riots of 532.

    Vaccinated people are in the place of the Blues, while unvaccinated are in the place of the Greens. The Blues are being paid off by being allowed to work and being permitted to access public buildings, schools, and leisure facilities, while the unvaccinated Greens are sitting at home, slowly going bankrupt, outnumbered by the Vaxtapo.

    I’m still thinking about it and am not sure. Link for anyone interested:


  5. // the amount of ACE2 receptor in each organ that either virus or spike protein can bind to.

    So, if a vaccine may affect fertility, may covid affect it too? It also has this spike protein, after all.

    One study claims covid may affect fertility: ” it was found that during SARS-CoV-2 infection, there is a possibility of cross-reactive antibodies being produced against various proteins associated with the reproductive system. This can affect fertility and cause disruptions in the reproductive function of the infected patient. ”

    Thus, we come full circle to whether fertility is more endangered by getting covid in unvaccinated fashion or getting vaccinated (and then getting covid or not). 😦


    1. “So, if a vaccine may affect fertility, may covid affect it too?”

      Yes, of course. Studies about antibodies aren’t needed, since the way viruses work is that they invade cells, hijack cellular machinery, and either disrupt normal function of the cell or cause cell death. As per my earlier post, cells within several important structures are directly susceptible to the virus, including the prostate, epididymis, uterus, and ovaries.

      Indirectly the virus may affect reproduction by weakening other organ systems, making pregnancy difficult or impossible, as well as shocking the whole body, an effect of which includes people losing their hair.

      “Thus, we come full circle to whether fertility is more endangered by getting covid in unvaccinated fashion or getting vaccinated (and then getting covid or not). 😦”

      Sure. At this point in time we don’t know which is worse, which means that the best thing to do is to avoid infection if at all possible, especially in the time just before and during pregnancy since those times correspond to the greatest developmental risk (as a rule).


      1. I think that an argument can be made that the vaccine is worse than the virus in this sense: virus most likely enters the body via upper respiratory tract (for some people also the gastrointestinal tract). It attacks the cells there and will likely not reach uterus or ovaries. Vaccine on the other hand, is injected inside the muscle, taken up by the lymph nodes and distributed all over the body via the circulatory system. In this way, the spike protein may be expressed by cells that would not normally see this virus. Of course, I do agree with you that the best thing is to avoid both the infection and the vaccine, however, given the choice, I will take my chances with the virus. Interestingly, internet is full of anecdotes from women who suffered unusual bleeding after the vaccine, I have not seen similar anecdotes about women suffering unusual bleeding after the virus.

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        1. That’s true. The accounts of women experiencing heavy, strange bleeding after the vaccine abound. But it’s not on a list of COVID symptoms.

          This is completely anecdotal but I had every symptom of COVID in existence but nothing at all in the female area.

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    2. No, we haven’t come full circle because you get infected once and that’s it. While you are now told to get the third shot with no end in sight. What’s worse a single impact or 3 impacts?


      1. “No, we haven’t come full circle because you get infected once and that’s it.”

        Respectfully, it is well documented that antibodies for the virus dissolve in as little as 4 months. Reinfection has been reported many times.

        If it were as simple as getting the disease once for it all to be over, we would probably be hearing proposals of deliberately infecting people with a less virulent variant in a controlled environment in the same way people used to have chicken pox parties aimed at deliberately spreading chicken pox.


        1. Our household/family experience has been: got sick with the virus once, and despite (or perhaps because of) constant re-exposure, we have not been sick again.

          My working theory on this is that my husband’s line of work (which brings him in close contact with covid patients every day) keeps all of our immune systems updated with the latest mods– we were sick with 1.0, and we’ve gotten all the software updates– and that people who get sick, if they do everything “right” and successfully avoid exposure, they don’t get updated, so when they finally get exposed again, they get sick again.

          I haven’t got evidence for that, but when I hear about people getting re-infected, I’m extremely curious about what measures they’ve taken to avoid exposure– and wonder if successful avoidance is part of the problem.

          My elderly parents, for example, had it about the same time we did, and after they recovered, made no effort to self-isolate– went to church, visited friends, only masked when forced to (they figured, like we did, that they’d already had it, it didn’t kill them, and now they were immune, like every other respiratory bug they’ve ever had: and also, they’d rather die than self-quarantine indefinitely, and at their age they’ve made peace with their mortality)– and even though Mom in particular is high-risk because of her age, weight, and diabetes, they haven’t been ill since the first round, back in spring of 2020. I’ve also known some very rule-compliant people who were younger and theoretically lower-risk, who got it more than once. It seemed rude to inquire exactly what they were doing to avoid it, but… I’m itching to know. I want to see a study on this. My gut feeling is that for the general population, all the masking and self-isolating and quarantining at the drop of a nasal swab is making things worse, not better.


          1. Without constant testing to see what coronavirus variants (if any) that your family may be infected by, whether symptomatic or not, there isn’t enough information to prove or dismiss your theory imo.

            I personally haven’t read anything about people being infected with one variant after another causing them to remain in a state of effective immunity, but logically if a person is exposed, develops antibodies to an unchanging part of the virus (unlike the spike protein portion that mutates frequently), and is re-exposed to few viral particles frequently that are disabled by the immune system before they can cause a significant infection followed by that exposure stimulating production of new antibodies, then sure why not.

            I’m not a virologist btw so please take the above as an ordinary opinion rather than anything really authoritative.


            1. That is pretty much my working hypothesis. But I’m not a virologist either, so… (shrugs) who knows? I just can’t help thinking… if my husband, who literally maintains vents and bipap machines on people dying of COVID, has not been reinfected, and my mom, who’s over seventy and has poorly-controlled insulin-dependent diabetes and doesn’t bother with masks or staying home at all, hasn’t been reinfected… clearly there’s something else going on, when younger, healthier, not-constantly-exposed-at-work people are getting it every 4-5 months… we are clearly missing some important information here.


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