The Road Ahead

Is anybody OK with that? Anybody?

Biden said yesterday that unvaccinated parents are a danger to their kids. This is the first step towards removing children from parents to conduct medical experiments on them. This already happened in Chicago with the COVID vaccine. It happened in a variety of places with puberty blockers.

And since “racism is a public health menace,” we are a short distance away from keeping people under ideological control through the menace of being declared racists and having their kids taken away.

Remember, you heard it here first.

12 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. My wife and I both got the double-vax, figuring it would make it easier for us to conduct our lives in a semi-normal way with our six-year-old son. But if that twerp Trudeau (or God help us, the NDP) win the election, I have no doubt they’ll be coming after the kids to get the vaccine. If that happens, we’re going full neo-Luddite and moving to the country. No way are they injecting that shit into my son’s body.


    1. Same for my sister. She got vaccinated but she saw what it did to her menstrual cycle. There’s no way she’s letting her daughter have it. My sister is lucky she has all the kids she wants. What about young girls, though? Imagine them growing up and being unable to conceive. And saying, “mom, what did you do to me? You destroyed my life out of convenience.”

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  2. Once we knew that Covid poses essentially zero threat to healthy children, the smart thing to do would have been to let as many kids as possible catch it. They would have a cold for a few days, then recover, as children do, and then would enjoy lifelong immunity. Instead, we did the opposite — isolated and masked them to keep them from being exposed to Covid, so few of them have developed natural immunity, giving our overlords an excuse to insist that all kids be forced to take a vaccine so ineffective that you have to get boosters every six months for the rest of your life. Big Pharma is making out like bandits on this.

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    1. Both of my kids already had it. The government doesn’t care who had it and who didn’t when forcing the vaccinations upon all of us.


  3. Not only there are people out there who are OK with this, there are people out there who have been IMPATIENTLY waiting to be able to vaccinate their little children. The approval cannot come soon enough for them. 2-5 year olds are next.


      1. I despair for the state of science in this country. These are people who have been trained to go to original sources, to analyze and to evaluate data with a healthy dose of skepticism. None of that is happening. I hope that one day we will come out of this mass hallucination that is happening right now. Consequences to the credibility of medical doctors and scientists are not going to be pretty.


  4. Fauci is already touting vaccine mandates for school children. I have several colleagues who are screaming daily on FB that the only reason their 5 year olds are “unsafe” is that the bureaucrats at the FDA are dilly-dallying. So yes, the vaccine mandate on school children is happening in blue states — in spite of the FDA resignations and mountains of data.


  5. OT (a bit): Australia galloping toward full blown dystopian nightmare….

    Let the government lock you down and you’re giving them the power to restrict your behavior in more and more ways.

    How much longer before they start monitoring and limiting computer use? IINM Australia was the first country (or was a testing ground) for a government constrained internet.


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