Well, you don’t say. Because it’s not been completely transparent that this was the goal from the start.

And this is only the beginning. 60% at least are going to be deemed “superfluous human waste” and pushed out of productive life, schooling, and any form of government assistance that isn’t about the preservation of “bare life.” Today’s excuse is “vaccines,” tomorrow it will be something else.

We were warned about this by the world’s greatest thinkers for at least 15 years. We chose not to pay attention. But even today it’s not too late. There are more of us than them. 60% is the majority.

4 thoughts on “60%

  1. “There are more of us than them. 60% is the majority.”

    Slightly OT to the spirit of your post:
    It is 60% of the unvaccinated that comes from low income group (low income threshold being defined as <$75K going by the numbers), not 60% of the total population. So they do not really have the “majority”.


    1. By 60% I mean the percentage of the entire population that will be lumpenized and thrown out of productive life. Vaccinated / unvaccinated aren’t the enemy. We will all be robbed and dispossessed. These fake castes are being created to divide us and set us against each other so it’s easier to exploit all of us. This isn’t going to benefit the vaccinated. This is going to benefit the small transnational elite of shameless, greedy people.

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      1. My comment was based on the graphic you posted — which was income distribution of the unvaccinated. Since around 75% of US population has received at least one shot, 60% of unvaccinated, I.e, remaining 25%, is 15% of total population, not 60%.

        We already live in a world where quantitave accuracy is compromised everyday in public dissemination of information.

        My comment is strictly pertaining to the number 60% and its interpretation as majority, not to debate that any section of society deserves to be disenchanfrized based on economic or medical status (especially minorities and/or those who are more vulnerable].


        1. I’ve been talking about the coming lumpenization of st least 60% of the population since 2014. That this number coincided with a number on this table it’s just that, a coincidence.

          Can somebody please confirm that I’ve been talking about this for years?


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