Inescapable Ass

I decided to rest from a very full day and went on Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter today is full of AOC’s ass. I’m sure it’s a very nice ass but why can’t this kind of stuff stay on OnlyFans?

People are reposting it so aggressively, I’ve got half a mind to inform them of the existence of pornography.

9 thoughts on “Inescapable Ass

  1. “Twitter today is full of AOC’s ass.”

    Really? WHERE?? I’ve done a thorough Google search, and I can’t find any images of her ass anywhere.


      1. I only hope this is not going to become a trend. It used to be enough for all kinds of starlets and wanna-bees to flash their cooter or boob to get all the attention and I thought that was awful, but activist haute couture is way worse.


  2. When I finally saw this, all I saw was typical leftist hypocrisy – spoiled tart in a custom dress with ‘tax the rich’ graffiti at a $30K/plate gala. Further, I may be old now, but I’m a straight red-blooded male, and AOC is about as attractive as communicable disease. Medusa had curves, too. Must consider the whole package.


        1. I wish I were as pure as all that, but the reality is that you can’t just see physical attractiveness in the real world. AOC has opened her mouth, smirked her smirks, raised her eyebrows – and each of those things has not revealed her to be a very attractive person, to say the least.


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