Joke or Not?

At the entrance to the campus parking lot, there’s a large sign saying “THIS WAY to a world without Alzheimer’s” and an arrow pointing towards campus. I’m wondering if it’s a rude joke about how everybody on campus is too young to have Alzheimer’s or a promotional poster created by people who are completely devoid of a sense of humor.

4 thoughts on “Joke or Not?

  1. Actual directional signs with that exact phrase — “This way to a world without Alzheimer’s” — have been used in hundreds of fund-raising events in various U.S. cities over the past decade to raise money for Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

    Either there’s a similar event being held on your campus, or somebody is, as you say, “completely devoid of a sense of humor.”


  2. My company has the same sign. They donate an obscene amount of money to that organization. They must have an exceptional lobby. Of course, maybe they are good. But after all the money I donated to United Way, only to be denied when I needed assistance in a moment of personal anguish, I am rather cynical. These people seem to pander to the rich crowd by making them feel like better humans for donating copious amounts of money to greedy fingers so their executives can have nice summer homes. But I digress…


  3. I forgot whether this was supposed to be a joke or not.

    But I have a freezer full of ice cream, and my butt’s been wiped.

    So there! 🙂

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