Stepping Out of the Circle

A husband comes home early and discovers his wife in bed, having sex with a huge, bulky guy. The guy drags the husband to the kitchen, draws a circle around him on the floor, and says, “I forbid you to step out of the circle.” Then he returns to the bedroom, finishes his business, and leaves.

The wife goes to the kitchen and finds the husband giggling happily. “While the two of you were fucking, I stepped out of the circle 3 times!” the husband announces triumphantly.

Totally reminds me of the people in Australia and other places who are excited about being let out of the house for 15 minutes or to get a half-hour shopping privilege. Or a guy who gushed on Twitter about the fantastic quality of pillows in a detention facility.

2 thoughts on “Stepping Out of the Circle

  1. Nobody cares about the circle here in North Florida.

    I went to the USPS location in the closest town last week for Postal Forms That Require Postal Workers To Witness Their Execution.

    Nobody in there was wearing a mask, including all of the postal workers.

    They couldn’t complete what I wanted to get done, so I drove about seventy miles to the closest city where that USPS location could definitely get it done.

    Same deal: nobody wearing a mask, nobody enforcing mask wearing, and nobody giving a crap in general.

    Because This Is Florida, and people here don’t give themselves gold stars for stepping out of the circle.

    They step out of the circle because they no longer need gold stars and couldn’t care less.

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