To Go or Not to Go?

Should I go to the Dominican Republic for a conference in November? At first, I was going to go and even made provisions for it in the syllabus. Then I decided not to go because what if my COVID test comes back inconclusive while I’m there and yadda yadda. But now I’m thinking I really want to go. It’s a very nice conference. Beautiful location. Wonderful people. Friends I haven’t seen for years. I have a kick-ass talk about neoliberalism all prepared and ready to go.

Should I?

9 thoughts on “To Go or Not to Go?

  1. I recently came back from Latin America and had no problems getting back in. Having to get tested is annoying, but it wasn’t really a problem. You’ll just get a paper saying you tested negative and some airline employee who doesn’t really care will pretend to take a look. Nobody at US Customs or Immigration asked for anything. At least that was my experience.

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  2. I have a feeling October/November is going to be a turning point in the whole covid thing, for better or worse, and I would not want to be travelling without my family. It’s one thing to be stuck somewhere with them, but to be stuck away from them… wouldn’t want to risk it.

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  3. What’s the worst that can happen now that you’re in the survivor group?

    You test negative for it, are able to visit the DR, have a good time, and come back to a false positive test?

    Which when it’s redone is also negative.

    So this is really about whether you want to deal with any of the drama.

    As for me, I’m staying here, not going back anywhere, and I’m buying a new cheap-looking long distance driving vehicle so I can drive to Mexico for eventual dental work.

    My other vehicles are just a little bit too nice looking and the big one is meant for hauling, not for long distance driving.

    This is happening because I hate all of the US airlines, especially that one that breaks guitars, but also that one with the red chevron for a logo and the one with the “American Way” magazine and that one that flies yellow submarines with wings and crappy baggage limits and … and … πŸ™‚

    You’re a US citizen (if I remember correctly), and so by international treaty they cannot deny you entry. The border agents can make it unpleasant, but they can’t deny you entry.

    The Peanut Gallery: “But what about Australia? They’re doing it!”

    Let’s have a few honest moments about Australian exceptionalism in government.

    Australia has had rogue governments for decades that break Australian laws and fail to live up to international treaties, but unless you’ve dealt with or watched how Oz Guv deals with people, you don’t realise how awful the Australian government is in general.

    Many years ago there was a sailor who didn’t want to sail into a typhoon.

    Of course nobody wants to sail into a typhoon, but this guy was being ordered to leave Australia and Australian maritime boundaries by a certain date, and the asshole in charge of making the order wasn’t going to bend just because the sailor would be sailing into certain death.

    So the sailor chose to hide in a spot away from Australian authorities, but got caught anyway.

    Instead of understanding the situation, they sent this guy away for months in prison and confiscated his vessel.

    The Australian government: “G’Die mate!”

    This latest episode where the Australian government demands people apply for exit visas is just the latest in several decades of behaving in bad faith.

    So at least you’re not coming back to that.

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