California Recall

In what concerns California recall, it was obvious, folks. Non-Cuban Hispanics and Asians don’t vote for anything but the left. Asians, it’s obvious why, and Hispanics are in love with socialism in the classical meaning of the word. They’ll burn themselves – and you if you let them – on this funeral pyre many times over.

And the children / grandchildren of Hispanic immigrants lean even more to the left. They have a very low capacity to transmit their culture generationally after immigration. This is coupled with a non-existent capacity to transmit wealth. What can the result possibly be? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Identity politics. And which side offers endless identity wars plus identity-based payouts?

Thank grandpa Reagan, Republicans. He came up with this scheme.

2 thoughts on “California Recall

  1. I think the problem here in CA is too much propaganda. From personal experience, many people genuinely are scared of COVID, genuinely believe their children were in danger, and that Gavin Newsom kept and continues to keep them safe. They do not bother to look around and see what is going on in the rest of the world — or, even in the other states in the US. They genuinely think everyone is dying in the red states and children are unsafe. One mom told me with great relief on the topic of schools and masks “Thank God we are not in a crazy place like Texas or Arizona, our kids are safer here”.

    It reminds me very much of your Putin stories. Remember how you said how 80% of the people vote for Putin because there’s no one else on TV? It’s like that here as well. Nothing else is on TV, the internet and the newspapers, and very few people are capable of figuring out how much of all this is propaganda. That is why we are where we are today.

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    1. I saw that in an exit poll 17% of people said Newsom’s COVID measures weren’t high enough. And that’s considering that most COVID-preoccupies voters has already voted by mail. So yeah, people are completely brainwashed.


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