I was always against violence. But then I saw this and changed my mind:

This isn’t from my child’s school, obviously.

12 thoughts on “Pro-violence

  1. It’s madness abetted by stupidity. I was having trouble understanding what you have been saying about austerity, but I’m starting to see how these Biden policies work to create it. I found this via another blog and thought the readers here would find the connections valuable, even if we may disagree with parts of his assessment.

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  2. After about ten seconds, of course, the kids will have come up with gross parodies. That little ditty is too dumb to stand unmolested.

    I will make you wear a face mask
    All day long at school
    I will make you wear a face mask
    It shows that I’m a tool
    Masks help subjugate the masses
    Kids should be seen and not heard
    I will make you wear a face mask
    So you’ll feel like a turd.

    And, you know… that took me two minutes. Kids are much more creative 😉

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  3. And then the kids learn the lyrics to “Momma’s Got A Face Mask, Daddy Has The Heaves At Night” as well as NWA’s unknown hit “Frisk The Police” …

    The best part will be that the kids will love these songs more than the originals.

    “Take it off and put it on and take it off and put it on …” 🙂


    1. I didn’t know until I was an adult that things like “On top of spaghetti” and “We have no school today” and “Seven old ladies locked in the lavat’ry” were not the original lyrics to any of those songs… and even now that I know some of the original songs, the playground lyrics are still the ones that come to mind first 😉


      1. “I didn’t know until I was an adult that things like “On top of spaghetti””

        I was… much older than is seemly before I realized that songs I remembered as a kid (from the halls, the burning of the school, the worms crawl in, how dry i am etc) were not the product of clever children where I went to school but part of a nationwide children’s culture that predated and outlasted my time in elementary school….


        1. IKR? How did we circulate all that stuff without TikTok? And yet, we all knew “Deck the halls with gasoline”… Nationwide, we taught them to our younger siblings, and they taught them to their friends. It is sad that “children’s culture” is all moderated by adult technology now. :/


  4. A bunch of parents in my town were furious when the school board voted to make masks optional for school kids this year. They raised a ruckus at a regular school board meeting, and bombarded the five members of the board who opposed mask mandates with phone calls and emails and so on, forcing the board to hold a special meeting, which took place in the high school auditorium because they expected a large crowd (which they got). About three dozen citizens had requested to speak to the board (myself included), and I was flabbergasted at the ignorance displayed by most of the pro-mask speakers. These folks truly believe that covid is a deadly and indiscriminate killer of children. and that forcing kids to cover their faces with a piece of cloth for eight hours a day would save lives. Fortunately, the board stuck to its guns and the mask-optional policy survived.

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