At the art fair, I bought a ring made out of an old typewriter key with the letter Q. I wanted K for “Klara” but they were out of Ks. So I bought Q, which is my nickname for my kid. Now I’m thinking, though, that people might misunderstand. Not that I care but it might look like I’m trolling. Especially in academia.

3 thoughts on “Q

  1. “Q, which is my nickname for my kid”

    So… what you’re saying is that this whole time people have been obsessively following the ramblings of a little girl in Illinois… well played, no one would have ever guessed had you not blown the whistle…

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  2. Of course it’s the nickname for your kid …

    Today’s Crackpot Theory: the real Q is an AI.

    Whether it’s true or not, that doesn’t matter because the mere idea rustles so many jimmies. 🙂

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