Such an expensive steak and they ordered a tequila cocktail with sugar to go with it? And they asked for it medium?

I’m all for spending money if you got it but at least learn how to do it right.

The nouveau riche are pathetic.

9 thoughts on “Philistines

  1. Never mind the nails. Anybody who would pay this much $$ for a standard surf and turf meal is an idiot with a massive ego problem. Apparently they believe that being able and willing to pay a sucker’s price — $65 for an ice cream sundae! — demonstrates that they’re in a special elite class.

    And they’re right about that. They have no idea how much the restaurant owners and the waitresses are snickering behind their back.

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    1. I remember being taken out to a fancy steak-house once. Not nearly as expensive as this one, but still… the waiters were all starched to the eyeballs, and had memorized long spiels describing each menu item in florid terms, down to the breed of cattle being served, and where they were raised. I’m surprised they didn’t give us the animal’s name! Talking to the waiters was like trying to communicate with robots who instead of speech, had six or eight sound files they could play in response to certain cues. It was all so awkward and dehumanizing!

      I have never been so uncomfortable in a restaurant in my life. I would rather go to a cheap neighborhood BBQ joint any day of the week.

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