Vegas Massacre

Does anybody have an interesting podcast or link on the Las Vegas massacre? The worst mass shooting in the US and nobody ever talks about it. Isn’t that weird? Do you have any links to people who have investigated? True crime podcasts or something like it?

13 thoughts on “Vegas Massacre

  1. I didn’t know it wasn’t discussed but here’s an important fact: the gunman was using a semi-automatic or automatic weapon, depending upon how you define these, and after this shooting it was deemed automatic and therefore illegal. This year an appeals court decided the weapon was not a “machine gun” after all, so they can be bought/sold/used again.


    1. I don’t think it’s been established if it’s a gunman or gunmen. Many witnesses claimed they saw several shooters. Six of these witnesses have died in weird circumstances. The official scenario of the massacre is ludicrous. No motive. No explanation how he took out the window and carried all the weaponry on his own. Numerous witness accounts that just don’t jive with the story. A media blackout.

      Something is really fishy.

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      1. “Something is really fishy”

        Welcome to conspiracy world! Glad to have you!

        I agree that it’s very weird that it simply wasn’t… covered. Not even a cover story AFAIK. My assumption is that it would disturb the narrative somehow and so government and media have agreed to mostly forget about it.

        I just did some quick googling and found the name John Cullen (FYI only I know nothing else about him) who points to a possible Saudi connection (also in the 2020 Pensacola shooting). I don’t know if it means government or just crazy people (which Saudi Arabia has a lot of). In either case it would explain the media blackout… I’ll start listening while I work over the next couple of days….


          1. “yet another FBI entrapment scheme gone wrong”

            In that case I do think there would be some kind of cover narrative, but…. nada. Just dumped into the memory hole as if there were nothing interesting or necessary to know…

            This is a like somebody trying to guess heads or tails and failing 50 times in a row…


            1. Yeah, that is odd. Maybe it does fit better under the “Saudi connections” banner, like the whole Saudi royal family being able to leave in their private jets after 9/11, when everybody else was grounded. Nope, nothing to see there…

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      2. But all of this is being said on VERY weird sites. And even a semiautomatic weapon can fire quite a few rounds, darned fast. What do you think the point of the massacre was?


  2. If this is the “Vegas Massacre” I’m thinking of, it doesn’t fit The Narrative of evil conservative white guys being a menace to women/POC (although I’m not sure if women are included anymore). In this case he shot up a country music festival, which was mostly conservative or apolitical white people.


  3. So about that Crackpot Theory …

    A few things can be established about the crime scene, the general behaviour of people leading up to the incident, and so on.

    The amount of hardware that went into that room was considerable even by Las Vegas SHOT Show standards, and because of that the hardware alone makes this seem like a blown arms deal.

    Let’s consider the possibility of four teams: the arms merchant (purportedly a solo operator), a conveniently absent government agency or LEO, the purported buyers, and an involved but sufficiently distant intelligence operation.

    The arms merchant, having seen something heavily sketchy about this deal, tried to work with the conveniently absent government agency or LEO, and was depending on them showing up during the deal to blow it deliberately in order to prevent a sketchy arms transfer.

    The purported buyers got wind of this, possibly with the help of the involved but sufficiently distant intelligence operation, and decided to blow up the blown arms deal by taking out the arms dealer.

    If the goal was to discourage the government ageny or LEO from making these kinds of sting operations, then orders could have come down to seize the arms cache and to use it against a target that would have a very high exposure level.

    Did you know that country music is very popular in parts of New York?

    Shawn Colvin used to be Suzanne Vega’s backup singer.

    Marshall Crenshaw isn’t so much country as much as he’s pop with a country twang.

    Both came out of New York, like a lot of other country music artists.

    And so if you were going to have a confluence of operations come together to create a near perfect shit storm for gun rights in the US while also taking out a small arms dealer who thought he could trust a certain government agency or LEO, it would look a lot like the Vegas shooting.

    There may have even been a designated target in the audience and that all of the other victims were cover and concealment for that operation, just like in that first Jack Reacher movie.

    It would also not be surprising that the purported buyers (OPFOR 1) decided to use all of its people up on that floor to execute that plan on behalf of the intelligence operation (OPFOR 2) to create off the charts levels of blowback.

    Now let’s get to the actual Crackpot theory: the government agency or LEO was also an opposing force (OPFOR 3) because of a hidden control element, and the small arms dealer got a three-way screw job.

    Like Jeffrey Epstein, Stephen Paddock did not kill himself.

    This could have been a story where a concerned arms dealer got very concerned, reached out to a government agency or LEO, and hoped that the cavalry would come blazing in during the deal, possibly even being a hero after it was all wrapped up.

    Instead, it had all of the smell of a blown deal with intel coming from outside.

    So when I look at this, the last bit of the Crackpot Theory is that OPFOR 1, 2, and 3 are all under the control of the same group.

    Good luck proving that with the way this balloon of bullshit has been floated.

    But I know a blown arms deal when I see one.


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