Yes. I agree. People should never get sick. Or die. Moreover, nobody should ever get upset or sad. And the weather should always be great. Why accept imperfection when everything should be perfect all the time? Let’s reject these bad things and theh will immediately disappear.

Babies shouldn’t cry. It should always be Sunday. And everybody should get a big cookie and a bunch of gifts from Santa. Every day.

Anything less than this is not OK and I reject it.

5 thoughts on “Imperfection

  1. An Israeli take on an American slogan (The article below was published on 28.09.21. Today the number of Arab victims has risen to 99) :

    #Arab_lives_matter sparks calls for more policing in Israel
    With at least 78 Arab citizens killed so far this year, community is seeking to raise awareness about spiraling rate of violent crime under the hashtag, but unlike similar campaign in U.S., they are calling for more policing, not less

    After another two people were killed in Arab towns last week, Arab blogger Sheren Falah Saab tweeted “#Arab_lives_matter” in Hebrew with the aim of opening a dialogue with Israel’s Jewish majority.

    “The inspiration is from the Black Lives Matter movement, but it’s important to note that the violence in Arab society in Israel is not brought on by the police or law enforcement, it’s between Arabs,” she said. “It’s important to say there’s neglect and lack of enforcement by the police, and lack of follow-up when murders are committed.”

    Her statement went viral on social media. Lawmakers, activists and organizations joined in the chorus, as did the minister in charge of the police.

    Public Security Minister Omer Bar-lev blamed the problem on “decades of neglect, disregard and fear of getting into the thick of the problems of the Arab sector and the prevailing assumption that ‘as long as they kill each other, then this is their problem.’”

    “In the first 100 days since taking office, I did more than was done in last decades dealing with crime in the Arab sector. Yes, #Arab_Lives_Matter,” he tweeted.


  2. I guess a new therapeutic is coming so Fauci needs to fortify his narrative. I’m sure we will hear a lot about long Covid so that the hysteria can keep going and Fauci can stay relevant.


  3. Fauci is as persistent as one of those people who make false rape allegations who persist even when shown video proving that it was not rape. So long as people give him a platform, he will keep on talking and causing chaos.

    The fact of the matter is that he participated in gain of function research, lied, and led the world on a wild goose chase to keep attention away from what he did, at the cost of uncountable lives.

    Imo it wouldn’t be terrible if someone invited him somewhere to talk, invited him into a back room to freshen up, and then just kicked him unconscious.

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  4. OT, but have you seen this:

    Apparently we’re back to the point where a guy can be fined for not exercising adequate control over his wife.

    I’m sure this is totally OK with feminists, because hey, it could be the wife working, and needing to better control her husband. Or it could be gay spouses. So… clearly not a women’s rights issue.

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