How I Preach

N discovered a Russian-language podcaster who’s saying everything I’ve been saying on this blog for the better part of a decade about the nation-state, neoliberalism, globalism, etc. Now whenever I come home he happily shares with me things like, “there is a massive wealth transfer from the middle classes to the transnational global elite, and it’s being achieved through, among other things, the COVID policies!”

I’m sharing this so that people understand that I’m not a broken record in my private life like I am on the blog. It’s possible to live with me and never hear about this stuff. Just in case anybody is worrying how the poor guy lives with somebody who can’t quit preaching about these things.

I don’t preach to captive audiences. Only to the people who freely choose to come to the blog or not each day.

And no, I’m not planning on listening to the podcaster in question. I hate wasting time on hearing stuff I already know.

Wealth Redistribution

The US government spent $2,5 trillion on COVID response.

To word it slightly differently, the US government transferred $2,5 trillion of taxpayer money to private corporations using COVID as a pretext.

Repeat after me: this is the largest wealth redistribution in a long time that robs everybody to give to the fabulously rich. And each of your excited squeaks about the importance of masks, vaccines, lockdowns, etc is assisting this robbery.