No Welfare

The point of school masking and COVID vaccination mandates is to reduce the number of children who receive this form of public welfare.

Then there will be another mandate that will reduce the number of kids in school. Then another. And so on.

The same is happening with healthcare.

Remember, the goal is to destroy the welfare state and exclude 60-70% of people from productive life. Just as I’ve been saying for years now.

We are taking the bait of these completely manufactured divisions between vaccinated and unvaccinated, exactly like we took the bait of the BLM and George Floyd. None of this is about that. It’s a trick, a con.

Live with the Consequences

The bastard intelligently waited for the Republicans to ef up the recall and then came out with this:

I couldn’t care less because my kid isn’t getting this shot under any circumstances. But I feel for the people affected.

P.S. I don’t think there are any completely uninformed people reading the blog but for just in case, here’s a simple, easy to understand explanation why the COVID vaccine isn’t “just like” the regular childhood vaccines. Most importantly, since kids aren’t at risk from COVID and the protection lasts for a few months only, it’s downright criminal to force it into children.


One thing that urgently needs to disappear are recommendation letters. They are meaningless and unproductive. Why not substitute them with a phone call, an email, or a Zoom? If you are serious about a candidate, isn’t it better to hear the recommendation in person? And ask specific questions?

Recommendation letters are a throwback to 1959 and they are kind of embarrassing. Let’s make them go away.


Our professional organization of Spanish teachers is holding elections for the Board of Directors. All candidates except one are Hispanic. I watched the platform videos for every single candidate. Not a single one said a word in diversity-speak. Nobody mentioned COVID or “these challenging times.” Nobody spoke about “identity.”

I’m proud of my association.

New COVID Pill

Merck is piloting a new pill to treat COVID patients. It’s good news in the sense that finally there’s an effort to treat the sick and not the healthy but there’s a weird part to this, too:

Merck has said data shows molnupiravir is not capable of inducing genetic changes in human cells, but men enrolled in its trials have to abstain from heterosexual intercourse or agree to use contraception. Women of child-bearing age cannot be pregnant and also have to use birth control.

I’d need to hear a lot more information about this aspect of the pill to feel good about it.