Fake Shortages

First we had fake (meaning, artificially engineered) vaccine shortage, then fake worker shortage, and now fake consumer goods shortage. These shortages are all engineered to justify future policies.

Immigrant and Archbishop

Leftists react to immigrants like we in church react to the visits from the Archbishop. We treat him with great veneration and make soulful faces whenever he speaks. But that veneration is contingent on the Archbishop playing his very ceremonial, prescribed role. He says what we expect him to say and act like we expect him to act. We nod in agreement and then leave feeling edified. That’s the Archbishop’s purpose in our lives.

And it’s exactly like this when you are an immigrant amongst leftists. As long as you act the way you are expected and say what you are supposed, people nod in veneration and then move on feeling edified. If you step out of the role even a little bit, people look at you with confused, wounded faces because they expected edification and you failed to provide this good, soulful feeling.