Art of War

We advertised our big event in the university digest that sends out a list of daily events on campus. But it’s easy to get lost in the digest. It’s long and boring. Nobody will notice my event in it among so many others. What to do?

Another problem is that the digest only advertises your event the day of, and not in advance. It’s usually too late to plan an appearance once the information is published.

How to solve these problems?


I sent the notification to the digest with a wrong date. Instead of Thursday I put Wednesday. When the digest came out, I said, “Oops! Can we please have a retraction?”

The digest sent an additional email dedicated solely to my event and correcting the date. As a result, everybody noticed it. And it all happened today, which is the day before. Exactly like I wanted.

I’m starting to think I might be an immoral person.


So… Biden made it worse? Or does he, just like Trump and just like any politician, have zero control over an airborne virus? Might that be the answer?

Nice Little Scam

That’s the same Merrick Garland who declared the parents protesting against the use of these materials in schools to be domestic terrorists. I wondered why he got so triggered by anti-CRT parents, and here’s the answer.