Which Half?

“The last time your grandparents saw you, you were three and a half years old, Klara!” I gush.

“Is it the half that’s after two or the half that’s before four?” Klara asks.

Kids ask the deepest questions.

2 thoughts on “Which Half?

  1. Neither, it’s the half after 3. Her having the half year before 4 would actually just make her 4, since we’re talking about the years she had, not ones she lacked. And the year after two would just have her be two and a half years old.

    If you work under a definition of “before” and “after” that is looser than that and does not imply “immediately” in either case, either can be true, but the question is undecidable.

    It may also be that Klara is an embodied time traveller, and can live through subsequent years without living through the prior ones, and so has lived only through half of her twos and skipped straight to her threes.

    I hope you can convey this important information to Klara to hopefully clarify things for her on this matter. 😀

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