Academic Self-governance

Professors left campus for 18+ months and now they are stunned that academic self-governance has been eroded into utter insignificance. They keep trying to offer their opinions and I’m tired of saying, “Look, I’m sorry, but nobody is soliciting our input. We are being issued directives that we must follow. We’ve been completely removed from the decision-making process.”

“Yes, but we always decided these things ourselves!”

You relinquished your power for 1,5 years and what did you expect? That nobody would pick up what you dropped? That it would be waiting here for you whenever you deigned to come back? Sorry, my friend. It’s gone.

I’ve been on campus full-time since July 1, 2020. I’ve been wailing and screaming about this since then. But nobody was there to hear me. And now it’s too late.

There’s a very work-intensive committee I’ve been on since 2019. I don’t choose busy-work committees, and this one did a lot of very practical stuff. It hasn’t met once in any format since March 2020. Somebody is doing the work of this committee. Somebody is making the decisions that it used to make. Professors have been excluded.

5 thoughts on “Academic Self-governance

  1. Good stuff. This sort of thing is worth saying. And it’s good that lots of kinds of folk are.

    I used to work at a middle school. Learned common core, learned behavioural modification training. Soup to nuts. I’ll spare you my thoughts about the agendas around those things. Suffice to say I’ve become an advocate of “pull and pray.” Get your kids out, homeschool them. Give them a wholesome worldview- religion, philosophy. Whatever.

    Like you say, someone will pick up where you leave off. Industrialised schooling is unnatural at best, and it becomes more unnatural with every passing year. We weren’t meant to live this way.


  2. Local politicians in my area are primarily teachers. Being a teacher gives those people an unfair advantage in elections because are connected to so many people by one or two degrees.

    Having experienced life in a jurisdiction run primarily by teachers, where children in the front yard of their house are being sexually molested by passers by, I have very little sympathy for any teacher, anywhere, who is naive about how the world actually works.

    If they want to be pushed out of a job and supplement their income by tutoring, as is common throughout Europe, let them. By their actions it’s what they want.

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