7 thoughts on “Thank you, BLM!

    1. “the supply disruptions ”

      I can’t help feeling that these are being engineered. I assumed it would happen in 2020 but there was extremely little disruption, but now?
      And I don’t buy any explanation about delayed effects. The whole world runs on just-in-time schedules and disruptions dating to 2020 events would be felt in weeks not over a year later….
      Any disruptions now are being implemented on purpose (people can guess at the reasons).

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      1. I agree with that assessment. Especially after reading the WSJ argument and the argument over moving empty shipping containers so they can bring full containers in to empty. Are the dock workers on the take? It’s not just worker shortage – though that is a component – these union folks have a long history of corruption. So does our government. It’s nearly impossible to know what the truth is, but if there is a stinky smell coming from under the furnace, one can assume a rodent has crawled inside and croaked.


      2. There was a massive increase in online shopping during the lockdowns.

        The delayed effects are because the ports still have to be upgraded and ships built to handle the increased amount of stuff being imported from Asia where all the goods are manufactured.


        1. ” massive increase in online shopping during the lockdowns”

          So China massively lies to the world with fake videos and mendacious lockdown propaganda and in response the trained seals in the west start clapping their flippers and barking for more fish…. that’ll learn ’em….

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  1. Isn’t it amazing that a subculture within the same country still can’t successfully assimilate with the rest of the society it was born into?
    Like, “You can take a person out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ‘ghetto’ out of the person”?

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  2. I guess one could also make a similar comment (like the one I just made above) about the wealthy, CEOs, upper-middle-class, authorities, and politicians as well. Everyone has been so “compartmentalized”.

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