So… Biden made it worse? Or does he, just like Trump and just like any politician, have zero control over an airborne virus? Might that be the answer?

4 thoughts on “Apolitical

  1. Alex Berenson was right all along: Virus gonna virus.

    I’m terribly sick of public health “experts” continuing to pretend they have any control whatsoever. Wash your hands and stay home if you feel ill. The end.

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    1. People like Berenson – curious, honest, relentless, fiercely individualistic – are what being American always meant to me. It’s why I knew I’d be happy in this country. It’s such a letdown to see how few Berensons and how many patient sheep there are in America.


  2. Besides the fact that I don’t believe that headline or article are true, nothing we do will stop the virus. Not masks. Not vaccines. Nothing. This is one of those things ordained in the bible. Plagues come from God. Like it or not. And people will survive and thrive or perish on His design alone. It’s not the friendly narrative, that’s for sure. But only God holds the power of life and death–not people.

    I also think that headline is just…hogwash. Knowing what the people who read this blog know, it’s just silly. There’s really no way to know how many people died from Covid-19 as a precipitating factor. Too many other variables were at play to manipulate the entire situation.


  3. I don’t think the “experts” know any more about this virus than the average person does, and are simply taking “stabs in the dark”, experimenting with one “solution with potential” after another
    …but are trying to exude an air of knowledge and expertise in an attempt to maintain public confidence—although their efforts don’t seem very successful, judging by all the defiance and dubiousness a lot of folks seem to have toward them.


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