No Canada

Looks like I’ll never go to Canada again, eh?

This hurts.

16 thoughts on “No Canada

  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (from woke coast to woke coast to woke coast.)

    “[New Brunswick]… public health is requiring that everyone limit their contacts to single household for outdoor and indoor gatherings during the Thanksgiving weekend, beginning on Friday at 6 p.m. through Monday at 11:59 p.m.

    “The area of greatest concern right now is casual, in-home gatherings,’ [the New Brunswick Premier] said.”

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    1. There’s more here.

      What’s the point of instructing people, even vaccinated people (over 80% of New Brunswick people over 12 are fully vaccinated and 90% have received one dose), at the very last minute that they can’t meet in their own homes to celebrate Thanksgiving? New Brunswick Covid cases are spiking in the province, it’s true, but they’re spiking from base numbers that are to be envied by Covid Zero cultists everywhere. Currently the running daily average is 95 cases in a total population of 770,000.

      The point is that the wokesters can and there is really nothing to stop them. Cheered on by a very numerous constituency of Covidiots and the woke media that harvests screen clicks from Covid-pornography, all but the official narrative is silenced. Canada’s a one-party democracy of the woke.

      Further, the woke fear and hate religion, especially Christianity, and so those who celebrate even secular holidays that have a vaguely religious reference have been fair game before in Covid-Canada.

      And, looking outward from New Brunswick, woke public health officials in Canada have been showing clear signs in recent weeks of being determined to use the coming, and inevitable, seasonal spike in Covid cases to reassert their sway over politicians and the general public after a summer spent out of the limelight.

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  2. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go to a lot of places without being vaccinated. I’m pretty sure the EU is requiring this and most of the rest of the world will soon.

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    1. Hmm, I distinctly remember you telling me things were going to get better by summer because vaccines were going to make COVID a non-issue. I’m guessing it was the summer of 2041 you meant.

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      1. Yeah, unfortunately I was wrong and did not expect the Delta variant. There was a brief moment when everything was nearly back to normal and things were looking very good given the current data.

        We’ll see how things go in the winter. I’m an optimist, so I think we’ll be better than last year, but nobody really know for sure.

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    2. “I’m pretty sure the EU is requiring this…”

      This is actually a very, very important point.

      In simple terms, travel to and between EU countries has been based on the EU Digital Certificate that recognizes recovery from Covid as being equivalent to vaccination.

      Entry to Israel also recognizes the equivalence of recovery from Covid.

      The reason for the equivalence is simple – the data to date shows that recovery from Covid offers individuals far more protection than vaccination.

      All the talk of vaccine “mandates” in Canada and the U.S.A. (a wimpy way to avoid the perfectly good English word – “regulations”) completely ignores the known science behind protection from Covid.

      Vaccination is the blessed communion of the church of the woke.

      Perhaps it’s because of the lobbying of drug companies ($$$) or perhaps it’s because vaccination makes people dependent on state-provided policy solutions or perhaps it’s a little of both. But rest assured it’s absolutely no accident.

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      1. Well, that’s good news. At least, they recognize immunity, that’s something. The stubborn refusal here in the US to recognize that natural immunity lasts longer than 90 days is ludicrous. It’s one of the many things that make all this bleating about “believing in science” so ridiculous.


        1. The US in general just seems to be in love with pharmaceuticals. People pop pills for just about everything, and the current system highly encourages that.

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          1. I was stunned to see when I first came to the US that at a local coffee shop every single-use coffee cup came with two painkiller pills attached to it. Anybody could grab those cups, kids, anybody. This was 2005-6 when the opioid epidemic was already happening. Obviously, the pills weren’t opioids but the mentality behind them was disturbing.


      2. Interesting, I did not think they would recognize natural immunity. Do you know how they expect people to prove this? I’m wondering if they’ll require proof of antibodies or a simple note showing you had it at some point in the past would be enough.


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