Psychological Mechanism

“I had interactions with friends on social media early on, and I had thought that I could reassure them that evidence suggested their children would be OK. Not only did they not believe me, it seemed they didn’t want to believe me. They had been watching 24-hour cable news, reading The New York Times, and listening to NPR. What I was saying sounded absolutely nothing like what they were seeing, hearing, and reading. I had run into a wall of cognitive dissonance impossible to overcome.”

I used to be so naive. In the summer of 2020, when I read a mountain of literature and learned that COVID wasn’t dangerous to kids, I was so happy. I tried telling everybody I knew. Great news! The kids aren’t in danger! The relief!

But I had the same experience as the quoted author. People acted like they were unhappy about the news. They pouted, they got weirdly aggressive. Like they didn’t want it to be true. I still don’t understand it. I’m a crazy, traumatized mother. I flip out over every minor scratch and bump my kid has. It was such a relief not to have to worry she’d get COVID. I almost cried with relief. But I was alone with my joy.

There’s clearly a psychological mechanism at work here but I can’t figure it out.

No Communion

The priest couldn’t administer communion today. He felt so weak, he couldn’t hold the chalice. His doctor says it’s because of the mask mandate. The priest is over 70 and has to sing into a mask for two hours 3 times a week. Because apparently the vaccine isn’t enough to protect him. He became deathly pale, lethargic, it was terrible to see.

The priest is a Democrat, by the way. In case anybody thinks he’s faking it for political purposes.


Yes. I agree. People should never get sick. Or die. Moreover, nobody should ever get upset or sad. And the weather should always be great. Why accept imperfection when everything should be perfect all the time? Let’s reject these bad things and theh will immediately disappear.

Babies shouldn’t cry. It should always be Sunday. And everybody should get a big cookie and a bunch of gifts from Santa. Every day.

Anything less than this is not OK and I reject it.


Well, we all know what this means. The wave is over in the South and is moving up North. And since all the biggest COVID fans live in the Northeast. . . yeah. There’s going to be a freakout.

I’m thinking they’ll start clocking on to what’s happening by March. Then the official end of the pandemic will be announced in time for the election. A couple of months after a predictable blue wave sweeps the election, some some new huge emergency will be declared.