Well, we all know what this means. The wave is over in the South and is moving up North. And since all the biggest COVID fans live in the Northeast. . . yeah. There’s going to be a freakout.

I’m thinking they’ll start clocking on to what’s happening by March. Then the official end of the pandemic will be announced in time for the election. A couple of months after a predictable blue wave sweeps the election, some some new huge emergency will be declared.

21 thoughts on “Tsunami

  1. Do you think there’s anything that can be done to prevent this blue wave? Or is it a done deal, given the constant media propaganda from all sides?


    1. If Republicans take their heads out of their asses, stop chasing Pyrrhic symbolic gestures like the Texas abortion ban, run people who can speak about something other than tax cuts and immigration amnesty, if the RNC manages to put out the information that the win over COVID that the Dems will claim is simply seasonality and natural waning. . . Then maybe.


  2. ” the constant media propaganda from all sides?”

    First, if it were a done deal they wouldn’t need the propaganda from all sides.

    Second, they know how to fix elections through ‘mail in’ ballots now.


  3. I doubt the Northeast will be hit as hard as southern states. While vaccines are not perfect, they do keep a lot of people out of hospitals and vaccinations are much higher in the Northeast, especially New England.

    Compare the graphic you posted about Florida with New York’s. Even last years surge death rate was lower:

    You won’t see a crazy increase as in the case of Florida.


    1. Yes, because the Northeast is so much more virtuous than Florida.

      It’s a shame that the vaccines, while they prevent a certain amount of hospitalization from COVID (in people over fifty)… also seem dogged by a COMPLETELY COINCIDENTAL rise in all-cause mortality. People might get the wrong idea about that.

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      1. …so I’m sure that the Northeast, having a higher percentage of vaccinated people and taking more precautions with masks and stuff, will definitely have a much lower spike in all-cause deaths when COVID season rolls through. Just like Israel, and the UK…


      1. Florida is also relatively highly vaccinated, so not the best southern state to pick on, in my opinion. 57% fully vaccinated, with 67% of people receiving at least one dose. Compare with Pennsylvania, with 58% fully vaccinated and 73% of people receiving at least one dose. Illinois has 53.7% fully vaccinated people.

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        1. Honestly, none of these numbers are bad at all, even Florida’s.

          I think the biggest problem with COVID19 is hospitalization and usage of resources. COVID people in hospital take an enormous amount of time and resources, having to stay in hospital for months needing constant care and attention. This is why if the vaccines can keep some people out, even if it’s “only” some less 100% number, its’ a huge help.


        2. This belief that Florida is anti-vaxx and nobody gets vaccinated for political reasons is ludicrous. It’s manufactured to make a respiratory virus into a morality play. But nature doesn’t care about your morality. Look at Illinois. We’ve had really bad numbers throughout in spite of a pro-lockdown governor and endless mask mandates.


        3. Actually I looked at Florida’s age stratified vaccination data a couple of weeks ago. They have 3% more elderly people vaccinated than CA. Yes they have smaller numbers of 18 year olds vaccinated, but those are not the people who are crowding the hospitals.

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          1. Case in point: “Case counts in Vermont, which has continually boasted about high vaccination and low hospitalization and death rates, are the highest during the pandemic. Hospitalizations are approaching the pandemic peak from last winter and September was Vermont’s second-deadliest month during the pandemic.”


            And this is only the beginning of the Fall-winter wave in the Northeast.


            1. Clarissa, from your own nypost article:
              “Even though parts of New England are seeing record case counts, hospitalizations and deaths that rival pre-vaccine peaks, largely among the unvaccinated, the region hasn’t seen the impact the Delta variant wave has wrought on other parts of the country.”

              So yeah, it’s mostly the unvaccinated filling up hospitals right now. High vaccination rates help.


              1. Forget the verbiage and look at the numbers. This is how we did it in the USSR. The words are just filler. They have to follow the prescribed model. Never mind them and follow the numbers. The wave is only just beginning and already the situation is worse than at this time last year when 100% of people were unvaccinated.


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