Fun Optical Illusion

Here’s the coolest optical illusion. Look at it and then flip the image upside down:

Economic Motive

People keep saying that the Biden administration should have declared a victory over COVID back in April, when the seasonal drop in cases could have been attributed to vaccination. All restrictions could have been removed, ensuring effortless political dominance for the Democrats for the rest of the decade.

That such an easy political win was sacrificed tells us that the economic motive behind COVID mitigation measures matters more. Who cares about the Democrats when the next Republican president or Congress can be easily persuaded – like Trump was persuaded to not build the wall and hence sacrifice his next term – to do whatever is necessary.

Systemic Scam

The opponents of the Republican candidate for the governorship of Virginia had to pretend to be neo-Nazis to smear him because there are no real ones.

This has been the case with every incident of “racial bias” that made the news in years. The Muslim woman who had her hijab torn off, the black actor caught by Trump supporters who were carrying a noose, a black girl whose hair was set on fire, a black student who found insulting words scribbled on his door, the girl who had acid poured on her by ‘white frat boys’, and so many more have all been proven to be hoaxes.

Ibram Kendi himself recognized yesterday that there is no “systemic racism”:

Of course, he then deleted the tweet and banned everyone who commented on it but the evidence is overwhelming. In a society where the highest achieving groups academically and economically are non-white and you have to cosplay as a Nazi because there aren’t any real ones, “systemic racism” is a scam aimed at siccing people at each other and robbing them.

Anybody who is using the words “systemic racism” is an agent of the greatest economic dispossession of our times. Whether they do it knowingly or as useful fools, they assist in the robbery of people of all races.

The problem is that it makes people feel so good to say “systemic racism.” They feel so moral, pure, and hip that it doesn’t matter it’s all a scam that will make their own quality of life worse.