No Welfare

The point of school masking and COVID vaccination mandates is to reduce the number of children who receive this form of public welfare.

Then there will be another mandate that will reduce the number of kids in school. Then another. And so on.

The same is happening with healthcare.

Remember, the goal is to destroy the welfare state and exclude 60-70% of people from productive life. Just as I’ve been saying for years now.

We are taking the bait of these completely manufactured divisions between vaccinated and unvaccinated, exactly like we took the bait of the BLM and George Floyd. None of this is about that. It’s a trick, a con.

7 thoughts on “No Welfare

      1. What I think will ensue is a low productivity state. Many people will be removed from the workforce and will live on some hunger stipend from the government. Their kids will not be educated or receive healthcare, or these services will be very basic. Because they will have no disposable incomes, the entreatment venues, many stores, the restaurants, will go away leaving fewer and fewer employment and enterprise opportunities.

        Then there will be ones who are obedient and useful in some way to whatever will be left of the means of production and infrastructure. I suspect these will be the people who “will own nothing and be happy”. They will have access to some propagandized education which will be touted to them as superior and they will believe that. There will be some limited benefits for obedience, so I think life, although very regulated, will be somewhat bearable for them.

        That leaves all the resources and power to the new aristocratic class and they will make sure none of the lower classes will raise against them.

        What annoys me the most that people who will be screwed by this new order are actively helping and clapping along making the transition faster.

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  1. “completely manufactured divisions between vaccinated and unvaccinated”

    Not quite critical race theory, but how on earth can the woman in this be called educated? A Russian serf or a Hottentot has more practical education (in the sense that the serf and Hottentot know how to survive in their environment…
    If this is what state education produces then no sane person would want to soil their children with it….

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  2. If I may play the devil’s advocate, maybe some kids shouldn’t be in school. I’ve worked as a teacher’s aide and certified substitute teacher for over ten years. I’ve seen a lot of kids in all age groups who act up in class, refuse to do school work or homework, who sleep in class, bully others and claim everything is racist.

    I wonder what’s the point of keeping them in school since they disrupt class, don’t do any work and their parents don’t give a rat’s ass. I guess it’s free babysitting since the parents work, but it’s annoying to the teachers and the kids who actually want to learn and be in school that a handful of kids mess things up.

    When my brother and I were going to school, our parents were tough on us in regards to schoolwork and failure and bad behavior were not options. We actually got spanked for failing or if the school called our parents, they felt as immigrants we had to do better than American kids. So this being lackadaisical about schoolwork and disrupting class is anathema to me, I wonder if such kids would be better off working in a widget factory or joining the military instead or just staying home


    1. Those kids used to flunk out, or get kicked out. Insisting that schools couldn’t do that anymore may not have been part of the plan, but it is certainly contributing to the ultimate removal of public schools from the list of government funding obligations.


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