Saturday Morning

European-style coffee in St Louis. What can be better?

What’s making you happy this Saturday morning?

10 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. I’ve been reading much more for pleasure — often light stuff — instead of watching TV to destress and it’s done wonders for my mood. I look forward to the end of the day when I know I’m gonna get my little shorts of dopamine with another enjoyable book. I’ve been resisting getting Kindle Unlimited, but it turns out I now read so much, I pay off the monthly membership in like three days. So I’m super content these days (knock on wood).

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    1. I was never tempted by Kindle unlimited because they never had the kind of stuff I read but now they start having it increasingly often. So I’m thinking about it.

      It’s completely true that reading is a physical pleasure. I can feel little explosions of happiness in my brain when I read something I like.

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      1. ” reading is a physical pleasure”

        Pleasure from reading fiction comes and goes for me, currently… it’s gone. I have several started and not finished books (and it took me a long time to finish the last few ‘pleasure’ reads).

        Not gonna push it, when I want to read again it’ll come back naturally…


        1. Obviously, I’m not you, but in my case sheer book snobbery was keeping me from literary enjoyment. I wouldn’t let myself read the books I really wanted to because they weren’t cool or highbrow enough. Once I let myself just get whatever I felt like, genuinely felt like reading at the moment, the enjoyment returned.,
          I turns out I like to read every genre under the sun (except epic sword-and-sorcery fantasy; that will never work for me). What I’m in the mood for varies over time, and I just go get myself whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. With Kindle, I get to start reading immediately, the second I feel like reading it, which really helps with both enjoyment and completion rate.

          Honestly, now that I’m in middle age, the secret to happiness is doing whatever the hell you feel like doing as often as you can get away with it. Like the kids do. Seriously. Book choice is a such a small, innocuous freedom, yet so many of us intellectual types have so many hang-ups about how we consume art and what art is worth consuming. We should all (and by that I mean me for sure, and whoever else recognized themselves in this) just fuckin’ relax and enjoy whatever we are naturally drawn to.

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          1. ” sheer book snobbery was keeping me from literary enjoyment. ”

            Trust me, that’s never been a problem for me… some of the books I’ve started and haven’t gotten around to finishing include a Brazilian novel about Sherlock Holmes* (Polish translation) and a novel about Bigfoot (original American). They’re fine as light entertainment and I enjoy reading them… I just can’t settle down to read them (and it took me weeks to finish a Polish murder mystery of the type I usually get through in a couple of days).
            Part of it is covid – I’m used to reading on public transport and I haven’t been doing that much…
            I know the itch will come back, I’m just not sure when…
            I’m scheduled to start in person classes this coming week so we’ll see how that goes…


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          2. Yes! So true!

            I remember back in my undergrad days, a very well-known professor who is a legend in my field asked us in class if we liked Ruth Rendell and Elizabeth George (bestselling mystery authors). We all pretended to be beyond such plebeian tastes in literature and curled our lips in contempt.

            “You are all weird,” the professor said. “I love them. I have every book they ever wrote. Great authors!”

            That really helped me come out of the closet in terms of my reading tastes because I love these writers. And I love mommy lit novels. I read Gone Girl and watched the movie twice. Loved it. And I don’t care how many people are snobbing over me for it.

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            1. When I was in college (back during the Nixon administration), there was a girl in my class who was formidably intelligent, well-read, and brilliant. I figured she probably never read anything lighter than Plato or Thucydides. Imagine my relief when I found out she loved Agatha Christie!


  2. I found myself in a months-long Kindle Unlimited binge recently reading romance novels. I really liked them as a teenager and enjoyed them just as much now. I read everything but the ones set in the present day – period pieces are my favorite, and then ones with fantasy elements (except for werewolves – I could never get into werewolves).


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