Wealth Redistribution

The US government spent $2,5 trillion on COVID response.

To word it slightly differently, the US government transferred $2,5 trillion of taxpayer money to private corporations using COVID as a pretext.

Repeat after me: this is the largest wealth redistribution in a long time that robs everybody to give to the fabulously rich. And each of your excited squeaks about the importance of masks, vaccines, lockdowns, etc is assisting this robbery.

3 thoughts on “Wealth Redistribution

  1. I don’t think masks and vaccinations have had a huge effect on this. Lockdowns on the other hand are just downright tyrannical.

    I wonder when enough will be enough. In the 60s, which is when a lot of Republicans think of as when America was great, the tax rate on corporations was much higher (52% vs todays low 20s). I’m really hoping we can go back to that.


    1. Who do you think is paying Pfizer/Moderna/JJ for the development of these so called vaccines, their production and distribution? Did you miss the part where these companies posted profits in billions of dollars?

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