Petty Dictators

These bastards want to destroy the best things about this country:

Coincidentally, lockdowns in my suburban area were nothing like the ones in Chicago. This is the real reason why NYTimes hates us. We are harder to control.

Seriously, is there anything good that these petty dictators don’t want to eliminate?

5 thoughts on “Petty Dictators

  1. “Reforming the suburban American housing system is key to solving problems like segregation and climate change.”

    Yes, of course the way to solve climate change is by quadrupling the number of people living in a residential area, tripling the number of cars on narrow suburban streets, and removing all the trees and lawns to make room for five-story tenement houses packed as closely together as possible.

    As soon as Newsom’s recall threat ended, he immediately signed a bill into law aimed at destroying single-family housing zoning in California. Biden’s massive infrastructure bill also contains a similar provision that would apply nationwide if it survived constitutional challenges over individual property rights.

    I don’t think this apocalyptic nuke-the-suburbs policy is going to get very far nationwide, because of the impact its implementation would have on the neighborhoods and lifestyle of millions of middle-class and affluent American families. We’ll see…

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  2. @ methyl, oh the irony. I can’t even count the number of NYC people who fled to suburban areas during lockdown. Basically anyone who could, did. The elites will keep their country houses in Martha’s Vineyard and similar locales.


  3. Any reader around who knows what measures are also being implemented for the elites NOT to suffer from the consequences of such legislation?


    1. “what measures are also being implemented for the elites NOT to suffer from the consequences of such legislation?”

      None as yet. The elites (Newsom in California, brain-dead Biden, Sanders with his proposed reforms to “end exclusionary and restrictive zoning”) are all quite certain that nobody will try to build a homeless shelter or half-way house for dope fiends across the street from their front door.


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