Great Thinking Skills

Thank you, Biden voters. Great thinking on this one. Yippee for your analytical skills. Really did us all a solid here.

NEW YORK (AP) — Get ready to pay sharply higher bills for heating this winter, along with seemingly everything else. With prices surging worldwide for heating oil, natural gas and other fuels, the U.S. government said Wednesday it expects households to see their heating bills jump as much as 54% compared to last winter. Nearly half the homes in the U.S. use natural gas for heat, and they could pay an average $746 this winter, 30% more than a year ago. Those in the Midwest could get particularly pinched, with bills up an estimated 49%, and this could be the most expensive winter for natural-gas heated homes since 2008-2009.

By the way, I know how much you love your Russia collusion. So here’s a hint: who makes a lot of money selling natural gas? Yes, that would be Putin. And who worked his tail off from day one in office to dismantle the US energy independence and guarantee soaring oil and gas prices? Yes, that would be Biden.

We are just a few months into this lovely presidency you inflicted on us and I’m already paying 30% more at the gas station and 20% more at the grocery store. In return, we get more COVID deaths than in 2020, exploding polarization, inflation, and trillions more of public money pumped into the pockets of the 1% you so love.

Keep doing exactly what you are doing because no price is too high to avert the terrible tragedy of you having to change your mind once in your life. There is absolutely no chance you made a mistake on this one. Never! You are infallible. It’s evil-doers conspiring with other evildoers plus Trump plus Delta variant something something Nazis systemic racism something that’s causing all this. You have zero responsibility.

15 thoughts on “Great Thinking Skills

  1. From where I am, it looks like the US has made a decision to debase the US dollar through inflation, and transfer wealth to insolvent and well connected industries via the creation of artificial shortages.

    My reasoning is that the US has been paying farmers to plow under certain crops despite the obvious world wide caloric deficit, while Russia is not exporting gas to Europe in the usual way resulting in price squeezes literally ten times the price compared to last year, and while China is experiencing rolling blackouts due to a lack of coal even as they boycott Australian coal that the Australians are desperate to sell.

    Either the people in charge are completely stupid, or they’re making so-called mistakes on purpose to adjust the value of dollar denominated debts, dollar denominated assets, suck money from East to West, and basically reset everything so that ordinary people everywhere, and China as a whole become much poorer, while the ones who were rich immediately after the 2008 crisis have their balance sheets recharged.

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    1. This is absolutely a transfer of capital. BLM, COVID mitigation, Green New Deal, CRT – these are all ways to get us to release the little capital we have.

      The capital transfer is only about 10% done do far. WE CAN PREVENT THE REST. But in order to do that, we need to get our heads out of our anal cavities and concentrate on the money and not on the utterly moronic fantasies about abortion, racism, and sex.


  2. Yes, but when people die this winter because they can’t heat their homes, it’ll somehow be Trump’s fault. Because Trump is some kind of magical supervillain: there’s nothing he can’t do!

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    1. And the majority that doesn’t die – this is the money taken straight out of our pockets, making us that much poorer. And somebody else that much richer. Every single thing that’s been done since the inauguration is making us poorer and our lives less comfortable. Every single one.

      One would think that when political allegiance is impoverishing you, you’d rethink that allegiance. But no. Never. We are marching proudly on towards indigence.

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  3. “I know how much you love your Russia collusion …”

    I’m waiting for the Russia Collusion Christmas Gift Box full of Russian/American inspired food pairings.

    But Caviar and Easy Cheese with Chicken in a Biskit? Too obvious. 🙂

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  4. It’s actually funny how the Biden voters can’t make the connection. The high prices are the fault of Covid (at least many of them recovering from their TDS). Biden is doing fine. When Covid is over everything will get back to normal. Except we never want Covid to end because it’s nice working from home.

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  5. I am wondering how you choose which MSM narratives to believe and which not to believe. Somehow you mistrust everything about the vaccines and about Russian collusion, but uncritically accept everything they say about gas and in particular Russian gas. The reality is more complicated.
    a) the world is getting out of the recession, so demand for energy is going up everywhere, and no single country, even as powerful as the US, can stop that. Regardless of who is the president. “Energy independence” does not matter much here – the US under current system (and I do not mean Biden, I mean the last 100 years) will not have significantly different internal and external prices.
    b) Countries other than the US also emit huge amounts of money and contribute to global inflation. US is not an island.
    c) Both Russia and Norway reduced shipments of gas to Europe.
    d) Demand for energy tends to grow before winters. This is even more obvious cycle than the seasonality of COVID.
    e) Russia is fulfilling existing long-term contracts, it just does not enter short-term ones if it does not feel like it. Preference for short-term contracts was EU policy driven by both seeking independence from Russian and Middle-Eastern suppliers AND neoliberal views of the economy.
    f) The US promised Europe liquified natural gas, so Europe would be independent form Russian suppliers. Where is it? The truth is, even if the US had the gas itself, the infrastructure to supply sufficient amounts* of gas to Europe is not in place. And never was. Biden did not destroy it. And if the infrastructure were there, its effect would be to further equalize the US prices with EU (higher) prices.

    (*several tankers for publicity purposes did actually happen)

    My point is not that I like Biden or MSM – I do not. But Biden is not a bug, he is a feature [of the system]. You want significant changes – you need some serious departures from the free market ideology. Much more serious than Trump ever offered or will offer or even mention in zest, without any intention to implement. And the Americans seem not ready for that.


    1. This is all undeniably true. These are important facts. Taking them all into consideration, is it going to aggravate the problem or improve it to shut down large parts of the US oil production? Which is exactly what this administration has done.

      Last Fall we had historically low had prices. In spite of the seasonality of prices – which is a fact – last October I paid $19 at the gas station. This October I’m paying $30.


    2. On a different note, who are these mainstream sources that say what I say? The only mainstream person I listen to is Tucker Carlson. And he’s very pro-Putin. Listen to his monologue from yesterday’s show. Or watch his segments with Ned Ruyn, a notorious Russia lover.


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