There Is No Trump

I keep hearing people say, “I hope Trump doesn’t run in 2024, he’s too polarizing. I want to vote for DeSantis instead.”

I want DeSantis, too, but my friends. Have you learned nothing? Whoever we nominate will be the new Trump. The polarizing candidate that is a Nazi racist Putin spy rapist is a construct. You can nominate a Catholic nun who has never been out of convent as a Republican candidate, and we’ll immediately find out that she raped every illegal migrant on the border and branded them with swastikas while murdering them with COVID and Bubonic plague?

These bastards already tried to accuse DeSantis of being a pedophile because he hugged his own daughter at a public event. How long will it take them to have every “masks work – Russia collusion is real” individual believing that DeSantis – or whoever else – is Osama bin Laden who survived and got elected governor of Florida using the money given him by his Dad Putin and his Mom Xi Jinping?

10 thoughts on “There Is No Trump

  1. “I want DeSantis, too, but my friends. ….Whoever we nominate will be the new Trump”

    The fact that his political enemies already call him “Death Santis” should be a clue about how rational they would be should he become the nominee.

    It wasn’t about Trump or his (mostly crappy) policies it was about opposition – the current democratic establishment (and its supportive media) cannot deal with opposition and go bezerk and degenerate into irrational infants at any sign of disbelief or less-than-enthusiastic cooperation.

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    1. Exactly. People are so blinded by emotion that they don’t even know what Trump’s actual policies were. Both supporters and haters are stunned to discover that he never built a wall or didn’t even try to do it. Or that he increased immigration. Pardoned a bunch of corrupt Democrats who were in jail for fraud. Put many dangerous criminals in the streets because the criminals are black and he was obsessed with the idea of winning the black vote. The real Trump is nothing like cartoonish Trump both lovers and haters have imagined.


  2. If you somehow made China a US state, then somehow made it so that there were an equal number of regular Americans and new Chinese Communist Party Americans in the new super state, then allowed the Communists to pick a candidate to run against a republican candidate, it would be like…upcoming US elections.


      1. What I find interesting is that practically no traditional American would tolerate a Chinese style authoritarian ruler, while many Chinese in China would definitely vote for a carbon copy of probably any former US president from the latter part of the 20th century.

        So in a way, the American left, by which I mean the so-called far left that is presently dominant, can arguably be said to be a breakaway civilisation, and also be blamed for causing all of the fuss.


  3. The fact that the usual crowd of useless conservatives like Ben Shapiro, etc. really want DeSantis rather than Trump, plus just my gut feelings, leads me to prefer Trump run again. I don’t hate DeSantis, I think he’s a great governor, but he can stay there.

    Obviously this all goes out the window if God smiles on us and Tucker Carlson decides to run for president.


    1. I don’t think DeSantis has any chance in national elections. At this point I’m not sure anyone who isn’t a sock-puppet of BidenInc. does. I vastly prefer him as governor of FL, and fervently wish for more governors like him, because I think this thing can’t be defeated at the national level. But at the state level? Maybe.


    2. Trump was ok but I swear, I’m so over the geriatrics in politics. I wish Rand Paul would run. He seems like one of the very few Republicans in Congress who still has some integrity.


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