Mystique over Physique

When feminism went wrong was at the point of denying physiological sex differences and exaggerating the psychological ones. Women are supposed to be as physically strong as men but utterly incapable of saying “no” to offers of unwanted sex, interrupting an uncomfortable date, or surviving a compliment in the workplace. Women are just as great as men in combat or at a police precinct. We can wrestle criminals to the ground but are useless at verbalizing our feelings at a date. In other words, we are shortish men.

As a result, instead of making the world more hospitable to women’s distinctly non-male physiology, we started #MeTooing around imaginary mental fragilities. We have denied physique and embraced the mystique. And the result is quite pathetic. I mean, name one significant feminist advance in the last 20, 30, 40 years. There’s nothing. But the fight to get women drafted into the army is gaining steam. Yippee.

I don’t need a freaking female mentor at work because having to deal with a male mentor will supposedly turn my brain into mush. But recognizing PUPPPS as a serious affliction would definitely be a big deal. Why do we hear so much about the uncomfortable dates of a few mentally unstable women but nobody knows what PUPPPS even is? I had to bring printouts from Google to my OB-GYN because he had no idea what it was. That caused me a lot more suffering than a colleague telling me I look amazing. And PUPPPS is just one thing. I could give a million examples. Female contraception stinks. The medical industry around childbirth is vastly flawed. There’s zero discussion around drug-free relief for menstrual pain. The way the medical system treats women who miscarried is shameful. I can go on and on.

Of course, now the very word “women” has been cancelled, so forget talking about pregnancy complications or menopausal discomfort. Who cares about that when somebody’s fee-fees are hurt? Let’s take to our fainting couches because we are mentally fragile mini-men.

2 thoughts on “Mystique over Physique

  1. Feminism was initially great but like with any progressive movement, the powerful and mighty managed to make it work to their advantage. How to quickly increase competition for the jobs? Add more people to the run. Why is it that a single earner could keep a family on one salary in the 60s and now it’s hardly enough when mom and dad work? What do you think the whole business of women is STEM, coding women, etc is supposed to do? Programmers are making too much it seems.


  2. Without disagreeing, I think that it went wrong for different reasons.

    The way I understand it, feminism is advocacy for the female of the human species, which implies that any active advocacy or agitation will stop once any imbalance in the relationship between males and females is equalised, since the ideal state for all humans is one that is equalised. Any imbalance is harmful according to this understanding.

    Logically therefore, any so-called feminist who continues to agitate for the female when an equalised relationship has been achieved will create a new imbalance that only appears to favour the female but which is really undue dominance, that then harms the female rather than benefits her, which I think justifies calling that person a troublemaking anti-feminist zealot rather than a feminist.

    After that the effects that you described come about, and everything falls into alignment again.


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