What Is Neoliberalism?

Jen Psaki was asked about shortages and she ridiculed the question.

A father came to a school board meeting to talk about his daughter getting raped thanks to school policies. He was dragged out, beaten up, and slandered.

People are forced to take experimental medication or face unemployment. “But how will we make a living?” they ask. “How will people get medical services if there’s a shortage of nurses?” Nobody cares.

“Why aren’t the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the border not tested for COVID?” a journalist asks. The answer is a shrug. Nobody cares.

Murders have grown by 30% in a single year. Was it a great idea to impose austerity on police services? Who cares?

Everything is more expensive, a record number of children has been squeezed out of public schools, countless kids dropped out of schooling for good. And nobody cares.

This ‘nobody cares’ is neoliberalism. You are completely alone in a battle for rapidly diminishing resources. What you used to know as ‘government’ has one overwhelming interest: how to help Pfizer, Amazon, and Walmart to squeeze more profit out of you. It no longer even pretends to have any interest in you not dying. Your only use is that medical experiments can be conducted on your body. If you croak, all the best. Neoliberalism doesn’t need that many people.

All of our complaints about how our well-being is decreasing, our savings are evaporating, and our children are suffering are addressed to the previous form of society. But it’s now dead. Nobody cares.

This isn’t about “corrupt governments.” This is way beyond that. The whole relationship between citizens and country has been redefined. There no longer are citizens or countries. There’s Pfizer and the enormous state apparatus of all governments on the planet at its service. Healthcare, education, jobs, and eventually food will be rationed to those who agree to have Pfizer (and Facebook and Alibaba, and so on) to conduct experiments on them. And their children.

What is the purpose of beating up the father of the raped girl? And of facilitating another assault by the same criminal? What is the purpose of chopping off 14-year-olds’ breasts and penises? What is the purpose of forcing vaccination on naturally immune people? Or injecting kids with mRNAs? It’s to get us to understand that it’s no longer our labor that can be used to extract profit. It’s our bodies. We are interesting as collections of organs.

The current situation is not a fluke. It’s the destination of the road we all traveled for quite a while. And look at us, we are still marching in the same direction, chanting slogans.

10 thoughts on “What Is Neoliberalism?

    1. “difference between neoliberalism and things like indifference…”

      The things you mentioned affect different individuals and different groups differently at different times.

      Neoliberalism is a system that, despite the surface chaos, always ends up benefiting and harming the same groups.

      Who benefited from Black Lives Matter? It’s been disaster for most Black People, benefiting only a few well-connected fronts/grifters. But it did end up emptying a lot of prime real estate in urban centers of value so that new well-connected buyers can swoop it up (and the new owners will not depend on anything like police for security).

      It’s like that every time. Who’s helped and who’s hurt? Always the same groups are helped (political/economic/pharmaceutical elite and always the same groups are hurt (everyday people).

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      1. Yes I know what they are 🙂 but what I’d like to know is how Clarissa tells the difference between an ideologue and people who are indifferent, selfish and/or burnt out just in case I can get better at picking the difference myself.

        The way I identify these types at the moment is by judging exactly how entitled they feel to other people’s possessions or how enthusiastically they proclaim should happen to other people. In addition, I look for hypocrisy or inconsistencies in how they rationalise various injustices, since many of them mirror one another in making various determinations, with the ones to do with race being particularly telling.

        Since there are many people who make comment here who are intimately familiar with persecution, I am particularly curious to read any answers forthcoming (if there are any, of course.)


        1. Isn’t it always that the the greed for material goods/greed for power are at the core of the individual’s soul and then they get together to create ideology to justify their shitty behavior?

          And then there are always the stupid ones who think they are changing the world who join the greedy and do their ground work.


          1. “Isn’t it always…”

            From this explanation above, it seems as if neoliberalism is an ideology created by selfish con artists who self delude to justify their actions, who use idiotic do-gooders as free labour.

            In other words if we see a scammer talking to someone who wants a government grant to start a charity with, we are to do away with them both?


              1. “What do you think the outcome would be?”

                In my experience, that would be most charities. The outcome is that the scammer makes friends with a politician who gives the charity a grant, followed by the idiot saying nice things and doing free work for the politician during any election.

                So then back to the original question, all you need is for the scammer to want to cut out the middleman politician for the problems/communism to start.


  1. “Your only use is that medical experiments can be conducted on your body”

    I’ve been listening (some watching) this channel a lot lately.

    The youtuber in question comments on videos by those undergoing (or pimping for) things like phalloplasty and the all too frequent nightmarish complications requiring further surgeries with their own nightmarish complications.

    It quickly becomes clear that the surgeons have no incentive to prevent further surgeries and are dangerous sadistic greed monsters who purposefully mutilate people and give them lives of pain and humiliation for a few dollars (lots of dollars actually) from a medical system that prioritizes the butchery.
    Not for those with weak stomachs….

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