When I was 9, I copied the Lord’s Prayer out of a Bible at a house of somebody quite fancy, memorized it, and started saying it in secret. My kid learned it at school at the age of five. There’s definite progress here.

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Have finished today “Время обнимать” by Елена Минкина-Тайчер and really loved it. Recommend it to you too and am planning to check her other books at the local library tomorrow. It is not long and well written. Does sound true to life, as my mother said, but, of course, I haven’t lived then.

    Wanted to ask whether you’ve tried Susanna Clarke’s “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.” It probably wasn’t the genre for you?

    And now to the third book which is a rare bird in any country but especially Russia:

    День отца отмечается во многих странах мира, в основном — в третье воскресенье июня (в США — с 1910 г.) В России с 1998 года существует День матери, с начала нулевых не раз поднимался вопрос о необходимости учредить свой день еще и для отцов. Но только в этом году праздник приобрел официальный статус: 4 октября подписан соответствующий указ, и уже 17 октября в нашей стране впервые отметят День отца. Накануне события журналист Ирина Корецкая из “Учительской газеты” поговорила с философом, филологом и эссеистом Михаилом Эпштейном о его книге «Отцовство. Роман-дневник».


  2. Turns out Mikhail Epstein has released 2 new books in English (there is no Russian translation yet). In case you or N may be interested, put here:

    The Phoenix of Philosophy: Russian Thought of the Late Soviet Period (1953–1991)


    Ideas Against Ideocracy: Non-Marxist Thought of the Late Soviet Period (1953–1991)

    // Countering the traditional view of an intellectual wilderness under the Soviet regime, Mikhail Epstein provides a comprehensive account of Russian thought of the second half of the 20th century that is highly sophisticated without losing clarity. It provides new insights into previously mostly ignored areas such as late-Soviet Russian nationalism and Eurasianism, religious thought, cosmism and esoterism, and postmodernism and conceptualism.

    Epstein shows how Russian philosophy has long been trapped in an intellectual prison of its own making as it sought to create its own utopia. However, he demonstrates that it is time to reappraise Russian thought, now freed from the bonds of Soviet totalitarianism and ideocracy but nevertheless dangerously engaged into new nationalist aspirations and metaphysical radicalism. We are left with not only a new and exciting interpretation of recent Russian intellectual history, but also the opportunity to rethink our own philosophical heritage. //

    In his post (in Russian) he lists all chapter titles:


  3. “I copied the Lord’s Prayer out of a Bible”

    Cultural trivia: In 1974 a rock version of The Lord’s Prayer (sung by an Australian nun) reached number 4 on the American pop charts.


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