The perfect slogan for our times is: “Less DEI and more DEA.”

Not as good as “Let’s go, Brandon!” but still.

6 thoughts on “Slogan

  1. I, too, have this problem dealing with abbreviations and acronyms frequently used in a lot of writings and posts—not being familiar with what said abbreviation/acronym means.
    More often than not, I just wish the writer would go through the bother of spelling out the term or expression, if only to avoid confusion on the part of the reader.

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      1. Oddly, I recognized the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion acro (assuming that’s what they mean by it), but only because I recently ran across a wacky Illuminati meme equating it with Opus Dei 😉


  2. DEI?

    Are you sure you’ve been read into that programme initiative?

    [spy versus spy characters move quietly in the background while clandestine operations may be heard faintly]

    Oh. I get it. You’re the Lady in Grey.

    Carry on. 🙂


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