You’ve got to be a brainless bimbo of startling proportions to dump on Bruno Bettleheim and blame him for COVID insanity.

I highly recommend Bettleheim to those who haven’t read him.

5 thoughts on “Bettleheim

  1. Really? The only contact I’ve had with him was when, as a teenager, I picked up The Empty Fortress at the library, looking for something on autism. I never got past the “these indecipherable scribbles by autistic children are breasts”.

    It still seems very clear to me that trying to explain a neurodevelopmental disorder in Jungian psychoanalytic terms is a disaster, and I had completely written him off.

    So… what’s the case for actually reading Bettelheim? Any particular writings you’d recommend, and any tidbits on why?

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      1. Many of Jung’s ideas were nonsensical, like his belief that you can inherit ancestral memories in your DNA. But modern psychiatry, like modern religion — despite the grounding of both in mythological fantasies that never quite dissolve in the bright light of today’s enlightened sunshine — can be very helpful to people attuned to their messages and their pathways to healing.


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