Endless Flow

The same people who spread the idea that psychoanalysis doesn’t work and you need lifelong meds to deal with your depression, anxiety, etc are now telling you that there is no natural immunity and you need lifelong mRNAs and boosters to avoid COVID. The same people.

They want you constantly medicated at least with one but ideally with 15 drugs because that’s great profits. This didn’t start today. It’s been going on for sixty years. Anti-depressants were the original mRNAs. And there have been many since. Oxycodone, statins, all sorts of stuff. The trick keeps working because the original idea that every discomfort needs a pill because “nothing else works” has been implanted very deeply.

10 thoughts on “Endless Flow

    1. There are a lot of things one can do for psychological healing that are free but they take time and effort. Intense physical activity, gathering mushrooms in the forest, gardening, spending time with your children, meditation, an intense religious life. People with serious childhood traumas, for instance, can benefit enormously from spending time with their kids. It’s actually very similar to analysis in that they substitute the unhealthy childhoods they had with new, healthier childhood experiences they give to their kids. But all of these methods are harder than popping a pill.

      Also, art. Drawing, writing poetry, very helpful.

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      1. I had pretty much come to the conclusion already, that therapy was mostly for people who live like domestic gerbils in artificial habitats, and don’t have confession as part of their religious practice 😉

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  1. I mostly agree with you (except that common sense tells me that just 1.5 years into the pandemic one cannot possibly know how long the disease-induced immunity lasts, it is only known it lasts longer than vaccine-induced one).
    But I find it a bit counter-intuitive that you, as a conservative, take the position you take with respect to pharma. See, on most issues conservatives are into personal responsibility and into government not telling people what to do, and into less regulations. Why not apply the same logic to pharma? Why not claim that uncritically accepting the advice of medical professionals or public health officials is on the person who accepted it? That one should have put in the effort of educating oneself, and if one did not – tough luck?
    What if one cannot afford psychotherapy and analysis? Why not apply conservative logic (if you cannot afford something, you did not work hard enough, did not make responsible financial decisions, did not study right subjects in college, your priorities are wrong, etc etc) to that too?


    1. I’m not that kind of conservative at all. There’s a new conservatism in town, and it abhorrs Reagan, free markets dogma, cut taxes, the philosophy of choice, all that. It’s all outdated and morally / politically bankrupt. I’m a conservative in the Tucker Carlson / Pedro Gonzalez / Aimee Terese vein.


      1. Well, I may be mistaken (I did not read/listened to people you mentioned enough), but it seems to me that conservatives of all kinds still apply logic described by me to Blacks, or Native Americans… Their problems are still either their own fault or, since recently, the fault of the Democrats. The responsibility of the whole system, broadly speaking, is still not acknowledged in this case.


        1. Have you heard of Ann Coulter? She’s far right by any measure. She believes that America as it is owes an enormous historic debt to African Americans and Native Americans. And this debt has to be returned through affirmative action, financial support, hiring preferences, etc. She doesn’t believe in currently existing systemic racism but then nobody with a functioning brain does. But the original horrible injustice towards blacks is foundational for her thinking. She heavily into the ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) policies.


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