Just Say No

People are still not getting it. Compliance doesn’t bring you freedom. Only non-compliance does.

Have people never dealt with bullies or abusers? Or at least seen them on TV? When did handing over your lunch money to a bully stop the bully from trying to get more the next day?

Also, notice the self-delusional nature of “I’m willing to make a deal.” Because it’s cute to imagine oneself as an equal, a fully autonomous agent of one’s own will. Nobody is offering you any deals, you simpleton. You will do what you are told and then get punished for it.

8 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. I can understand people who have their children vaccinated because they genuinely believe that the vaccine is going to be beneficial to their children’s health and prevent them from dying of COVID. I obviously disagree with that assessment and believe they are misinformed, but I can understand.

    I have no words for people like this who are willing to medicate their children with experimental substances so that the children can keep going to school. I am disgusted. I could understand a parent sacrificing her health for her child, but I will never understand a parent sacrificing her child’s health to make stupid deals like this (even if the deal worked).

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    1. And mind you, nobody offered anything. Nobody ever said, if you get vaccinated or if you vaccinate the toddlers – then something. No masks, free travel, no limitations on XYZ. But nobody even said that.

      Nobody is lying to these people. They are participating in a dialogue they invented. They are willing to concede everything in return for nothing.


      1. There is going to be “a deal”. It will be either you vaccinate or your child, or your child will be excluded from school. The tiny print will include: “Even though your child is vaccinated, he/she will still be wearing a mask. Vaccination may not prevent the child from getting or spreading Covid, from being hospitalized due to Covid, or from dying of Covid. The school may or may not keep open. To keep the vaccination current, boosters may be required every 6 months. Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe (except your child)!”

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  2. “People are still not getting it. Compliance doesn’t bring you freedom. Only non-compliance does.”

    In my opinion the bigger issue is that people think that they can actually make a bargain, when no bargain is possible.

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    1. “people think that they can actually make a bargain, when no bargain is possible”

      It’s a stages of grief thing.
      I know that not everybody goes through every stage (and the order of stages can differ from person to person) but those who do/say things like this are trying to achieve some degree of control by imagining another side that can be reasoned with. The biggest danger is that so many are already at acceptance – and have given up their old lives for…. nothing, really, nothing.
      Those controlling this cannot be reasoned with, they can only be defeated.

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      1. Yep. The only reason I posted at all was because I was being fussy about compliance being an element of a bargain that cannot occur, meaning that Clarissa was being too generous in entertaining the possibility of one.

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  3. It’s a trick people use to make you think that you want to be around them and for that reason you’d be willing to accept their bullying.

    Then there’s that meme going around the agorist community …

    NPC: “If you don’t X then you can’t be around us.”

    Normal person: “That’s all I ever wanted.”

    [picture of contemplative NPC]

    [picture of angry NPC]

    So I don’t go telling people in my bio or elsewhere about my 8 1/2 years in Easily Combustible Hellhole, my 7 years in Used To Be A Great Place, my 5 years in Cultural Centre For The Celebration of Perversity, and so on.

    Yes, I’ve made a few mistakes when it comes to localities and the people in them.

    I’m just happy I don’t have to be around those people anymore.

    But what all of these places had in common was that I’d have to go along to get along and drink the Flavor-Aid regardless of whether a psychopath prepared it.

    They think they’re fine and upstanding people.

    I think what I really wanted was not to know most of them.

    The Rona has been great as a crappy people sorter, and I suppose I accept the weirdness of a lot of this because it was necessary for this experience to be revelatory instead of explanatory.

    That’s because you don’t expect an explanation about crazy, you just hope for a revelation that there’s a way out of it.

    Of course, as an INTJ I have learned to trust my intuition about these things on the way to being ruthlessly judgmental and organised about them. 🙂

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