Sleepy Times

Good for him. Only a total robot could stay awake during this event. Of course, I prefer a the president who wouldn’t show up at all but I wouldn’t judge this one for conking out. This is the only reasonable response to the “UN climate conference.”

19 thoughts on “Sleepy Times

  1. Do you think climate change is not happening or simply that this particular UN conference won’t contribute anything to combating it except boring speeches?

    At least, Biden was let in unlike our Israeli representative who literally wasn’t even shown a door (? указать на дверь):

    // Wheelchair-bound minister left out of climate summit due to inaccessibility
    Energy Minister Karine Elharrar was unable to enter the event compound due to accessibility issues, and despite the Israeli delegation’s best efforts, was forced to return to the hotel; Bennett calls incident ‘unacceptable’


    1. Your Israeli representative is fortunate that he wasn’t allowed to waste his time at this silly child’s-play conference.

      NOBODY — not a single representative of any government on this planet — is taking the much-hyped “existential” threat of doomsday climate change seriously. If they were, they’d be panicked enough to actually do something about it, like their grandparents did when they negotiated treaties to avoid nuclear armageddon.

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      1. ” not a single representative of any government on this planet — is taking the much-hyped “existential” threat of doomsday climate change seriously”

        Very true. I’ll take the “existential threat” of “climate change” seriously when governments and/or spokespeople start taking it seriously – as opposed to posing and engaging insufferable moralizing.


        1. Alas, we plebes read the people, not the science. And Al Gore, with his international jet-setting lifestyle and multiple thousands-of-square-feet homes that have to run HVAC all the time to keep from getting moldy… having him as spokesman for the cause for years on end killed any credibility that cause might have had for regular working people.

          That dude’s lifestyle eats up more fossil fuels in a day than most of us need to run a whole household for a year. And that’s true of pretty much every person who attends these big climate conferences. When their spokesperson becomes a handy fellow with a family who lives without A/C in a small house in town, has a solar hot water heater on his roof, and rides his bike everywhere, I might start listening! I have known a few such people, and I deeply respect them.

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    2. I believe that an enormous amount of damage is being done to the environment. Landfills, trash in the oceans, horrible air quality in China, forests are being felled, natural habitats destroyed. I’d love it if somebody paid attention to that. Billions of single-use masks alone have caused terrible damage. But nobody is talking about that. “Climate change” has turned into an excuse to further the dispossession of many by the few. It doesn’t matter if global warming is real or man-made. These bastards are trying to rob us using it as a pretext. That’s very real.

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      1. “Climate change” has turned into an excuse to further the dispossession of many by the few”

        Ending the garbage rivers in Indonesia or cleaning up Chinese industry (or horrible fishing practices) don’t do that so they don’t care.
        But recreational driving or cheap international vacations for the proles drive them to unrestrained fury, we stink up the places they want to enjoy on their own and spend money that they think is theirs.

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      2. Substitute global warming for the virus, and electric cars and vegan diet with a side of locusts for masks and vaccines. Then realize that the same people who were modeling the spread of the virus and millions of dead people in the first wave are coming up with computer models of global warming. We need to wake up now before our lives get completely destroyed.

        Climate is not static and will be changing with or without human activity. Yes, some human activity is damaging. Elites do not care. If they did, they would hold their climate meeting on Zoom and stop using their private jets to come to a conference to discuss carbon footprints. But they do not want to give up their jets, their cars, their large houses with heating and air-conditioning, and their steak. They want YOU to do without. We cannot trust anything they say. If we did not learn this lesson even after living under the Covid regime for two years, there is no hope for us.

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        1. I’m so old that I can remember when the scaremongers were warning about another ice age. Then it changed to global warming. Then it became climate change, then climate crisis, then climate catastrophe. And whatever the climate happens to do at any given moment proves their point. Colder than usual? Warmer than usual? Wetter than usual? Dryer than usual? More tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes than usual? Fewer tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes than usual? All are evidence that the scaremongers are correct, and the solution is always the same — less personal freedom for us, more money and power to them.

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        2. Exactly. The solution is always for them to keep living exactly the way they’re living now, and for us to stop eating meat, stop having kids, stop driving cars, stop using airlines…

          Frankly, that doesn’t sound like we’re all gonna save the planet together. That sounds more like they can see limited resources running out, and they want to make sure they get to use all of them, by denying access to the rest of us. What are we supposed to believe, their words, or their behavior?

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        3. Nobody has yet even tried to explain why it was so crucial to schlep to this “climate conference” in person. I still have all of my meetings on Zoom. Why can’t these bastards?

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              1. And, still more…

                “It’s admittedly lazy to criticize the framers of climate change policy as hypocrites just because they use fossil fuels. But COP26 is featuring some pretty flamboyant usage of petroleum …

                A British reporter walked the Glasgow side-streets surrounding the conference and found them completely choked with idling limousines and town cars. The temperature is down to single digits in Glasgow right now, and delegates are apparently demanding toasty hot cars when workshops wrap up.

                Glasgow airport is currently host to more than 400 private jets. This includes the CC-150 Polaris sent by Canada, the largest VIP jet in the RCAF fleet.


                Attendance at COP26 is an incredible 47 per cent higher than at the last UN climate conference at Madrid in 2019. Despite a worldwide normalization in videoconferencing brought about by COVID-19, nearly 10,000 more delegates are packing into Glasgow.”

                credit for this text:



      3. “Landfills, trash in the oceans, horrible air quality in China, forests are being felled, natural habitats destroyed. I’d love it if somebody paid attention to that.”

        Exactly. Don’t hold your breath.

        My area in south-central Canada was under 50-100 metres of glacial ocean 10,000-12,000 years ago without a single CO2 blenching SUV in sight to “warm the planet.”

        What a load of horse hooey! We’re all lucky to be living in a period of glacial retreat.

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