Instead of making teachers in public schools actually teach instead of assigning this stupid “internet homework,” these bastards are robbing several more trillion from the people to put them in the pocket of an already fabulously rich broadband and “online homework solutions” provider.

I’m particularly impressed by how this “internet homework” is being presented as something completely natural and even beneficial.

9 thoughts on “Infra-robbery

  1. My brother has high-speed internet at home anyway, and still has to deal with the “online-schoolwork” BS, where teachers expect his kid to whip out a smartphone (she doesn’t have one) and access some kind of app right there at school… and then she says “I don’t have a smartphone” and the teachers don’t believe her. Because clearly every child has unrestricted internet access in their pocket all day long.

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  2. Let’s see, now—–if one has a SmartPhone and doesn’t happen to know another’s number, their phone, in its telepathic manner, will somehow automatically show that missing number.
    It’s not like even a SmartPhone user would ever have need for a phone book once-in-a-while.
    And EVERYBODY has a SmartPhone these days. It’s not like flip-phones are ever still in use by some—-right?


    1. We don’t do smartphone. The last time we moved, it was hellish trying to get internet at our house. It is very difficult to find a communications employee who even knows how to hook you up with internet, if you’re not already on the internet. Their scripts don’t really have any starting points other than “Just go to our website!”


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