Obedience Prize

This is advice to people who have taken their third “vaccine” shot. Observe the infantilizing, contemptuous tone:

The most obedient are always the most despised.

8 thoughts on “Obedience Prize

  1. When the vax first became available, there were a lot of people who really didn’t want to take it (and weren’t being forced to do so by their employers) and who knew they were not at significant risk from covid… but they took the jab anyway because they honestly believed that if they did, life would go back to normal — no more shutdowns, no more masks, no more of any of that crap. They must feel like real schmucks now.


  2. May I ask if the line “the most obedient are always the most despised” came from some body of literature or is an idiom from somewhere. It sounds a bit that way but I have never heard it before.


      1. I see, thankyou. May I ask if the sentence accurately corresponds to things you have observed in your own life?

        The reason I ask is because I am very interested in how different kinds of people in authoritarian, totalitarian, communist etc type systems are regarded by those around them, and also interested in what tends to happen to them as a result.

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          1. Maybe it isn’t so unfortunate since what you say has practical application 🙂 May I clarify and ask if it is whole groups of obedient ones who are despised, or is it generally limited to particular individuals at any one time?


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