The Biggest Told You So

Today, after even the NYTimes has accepted that the Russia collusion was a lie and the FBI arrested one of the original creators of the hoax, please remember that I told you it was a load of hooey from the start.

The scandal here is the every TV channel and newspaper ran with such an obvious and ridiculous hoax for years. Made tons of money off gullible audiences. Duped people into voting against their economic interest. And faced zero consequences because the same duped, conned sheep are still patiently tuning in and buying some new lies.

8 thoughts on “The Biggest Told You So

  1. I can understand a young person, maybe, not understanding that the ‘news’ is and has always been incompetent, partisan, and distorted. But anyone who has paid the least attention for a few years and yet failed to note the constant stream of half-truths, obvious lies of commission and omission, ‘evolving’ story lines, and the stupidly obvious political biases is mentally or morally deficient on some level..

    Years of sitting in classrooms for hour after boring hour, where the only affirmation one gets is for conforming – see how far merely being bright and curious but not slavishly obedient gets you (you yourself being a startling exception!) – has trained us, not to seek or even acknowledge the truth, but merely to regurgitate what we are told and respond to the bells. We are a nation of people formed by this system.

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    1. Yep. One of the so, so many reasons we didn’t send our kids to school. Even when we were in school, it was an amputation ward, where kids had their curiosity and individuality lopped off. We are still only partially recovered.

      We regard it as a similar thing to… declining to circumcise our babies, and opting out of foot-binding. But at a time when everybody did those things, because that was how it was done. Nobody pats you on the back for it. But at least the kids are intact.


      1. Good for you. Big respect.

        Pediatricians in this country have been unimpressive so far. The very first had me undress the newborn and then wait for almost an hour in a cold room (in February) where there was nowhere to breastfeed. I would have assumed that a pediatrician knew the importance of feeding the infant on time. So I never went back.

        The second informed me that a baby who was three weeks old was going to be obese by the age of 5 and there was nothing I could do because I’d had gestational diabetes. Again, I left.

        The next one was aggressive, scared the baby, and then diagnosed her with developmental delay because she refused to react to the scary, screeching stranger.

        She’s now almost six and no obesity or developmental delay because I had the strength to walk away from these screeching maniacs (and a couple others).


        1. It is important to know when to walk away to protect yourself or your kid– whether that’s from a doctor, an institution, a relative, a party, a school, or just a weird situation.

          Too many people can’t do it, and I think being processed through the school system is part of the problem. You come out with 13-20 years of behavioral conditioning that says “I can’t do anything about this situation”, particularly where it concerns any kind of authority figure, and the only menu of options available is “keep your head down, do the stupid assignment, and in another 3hours/3months/3years/3decades it’ll be over and I’ll go home/graduate/retire.

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