Anti-corporate Friends

Went on Facebook, discovered that the most leftist, anti-corporate friends are posting gushing, unironic “thank you, Pfizer!!!!! I ❤️ Pfizer” pieces, closed Facebook, and now am struggling to hold down the desire to vomit.

4 thoughts on “Anti-corporate Friends

  1. Perhaps “anti-corporate” is not the most fitting description of your friends anymore? People change. Dare I hope they were not gushing after vaccinating their 5-year olds?

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      1. I am sorry. I pray their children will be OK.

        My father took the booster yesterday. Sadly, he acquired some heart problems after the first two doses. I would have preferred he waits a little, but he refuses to see a connection. Perhaps there is none, but with all the reports of myo/pericarditis in men one has to wonder. Still, it is different for an adult at high risk for an infection to freely take an experimental treatment with unknown side effects, and another one for a very low-risk child to be compelled to do the same.

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