Amended Harassment

The harassment training at work has been amended to include “OK, Boomer” as an example of harassment. I’m waiting for Karen and Brandon to make an appearance.

To clarify, I think “OK, Boomer” is stupid. So is Karen. (Brandon is still new and fun). But harassment? Words need to have meaning. If this is harassment, then nothing is.

8 thoughts on “Amended Harassment

  1. I like Brandon. It conveys so many things at once — how people hate the elites, and how the media covers for them. If there is one meme that captures the current dystopia, this is it!

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  2. I am extremely curious to know if they one who had “Ok Boomer” included in the package was themselves a boomer. For whatever reason that simple phrase really seems to tick off that particular generation.


    1. I’m Gen X but I don’t like it either. Boomers are a lot better than Genexers or Millennials, in my opinion.

      (I couldn’t be a Boomer under any scenario, of course, because in the USSR we had the opposite of the US baby boom after WWII.)


      1. “I couldn’t be a Boomer under any scenario”

        Yeah, the model only works in North America. Different parts of the world have their own generational cohorts and simply adopting the north American terms obscures that.
        Boomers were largely a product of newfound prosperity… not a good description for…. anywhere in Europe at the same time.

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          1. I feel that the hatred of “entitled” Boomers is hatred for the society of prosperity that created them. Today the narrative is that too many kids are killing the planet and nobody should expect wellbeing, let alone prosperity. Instead of asking why we can’t have the prosperity of the Boomers, we blame them for supposedly gobbling up all the scarce resources. Why the resources are suddenly scarce is never addressed.

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              1. They also have the memory of cheap oil, and that’s going away for good. Along with a whole lot of things we take for granted. I think a lot of people can see that it’s going away, but they don’t have the foggiest idea why and they need someone to blame for it.

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