Don’t Care About Stupid Things

I’m kind of stunned by people who are declaring they are shocked to find out that the men shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were white. Why, in the name of everything holy, would anybody care? What kind of a weirdo even thinks about anybody’s race in this situation?

Yes, the coverage of the shooting and the trial has been abysmal. But we all let it happen when we allow this disgusting way of thinking to conquer our brains.

It never registered with me what race anybody in this situation was. The shooting was clear self-defense, and I don’t care if the participants are white, black, or orange with green spots. It’s either self-defense or it isn’t.

19 thoughts on “Don’t Care About Stupid Things

  1. “Kyle Rittenhouse”

    More than any other case, the mainstream media coverage of this seems the most Soviet… just nothing but falsehood and deception – a media show trial.

    To be followed by many more, I’m sure – things are just ramping up.

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    1. I haven’t watched any coverage, so I don’t even know. I remember the events from when they happened. It was obviously self-defense. People have lost all shame, hating on a boy. I don’t care what race anybody is. This is a child. The bastards who let the riots happen should pay. These are the real culprits.


      1. “The bastards who let the riots happen should pay”

        That’s the crux of the issue and why liberals hate Rittenhouse so much – he stopped the rioting. Candidate Biden did not call for calm or a stop to violence at all, urban unrest and violence was a pony he wanted to ride into the white house and this dumb white kid got in the way.

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  2. It should be obvious that the men he shot were white — if they weren’t, their race/ethnicity would be the first thing reported in every newscast.

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    1. I just can’t get over the constant “he shot white people! Not black!” Like it’s a lesser kind of death if they are white. Like if the dead attackers were black, we’d concede he should be in jail.


  3. I understand why it was striking to people, it’s because it was framed as a racist vigilante indiscriminately mowing people down simply because of racial prejudice. If his victims are white, that puts a big hole in the entire framing of it.

    Of course, nobody should have bought into that framing in the first place, but better late than never.

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  4. Their thinking is mangled and abnormal. Normal people process and prioritise information in a logical way, from most important to least important, adjusted for context. After that assessment, they perform an action.

    An example might be when a woman is walking alone at night and sees a man. She will quickly prioritise factors around that man to decide if he is (from most important to least): Dangerous/safe, near/far away, big/small, interested in her/not interested etc etc until you get to minor factors like gay/straight, Chinese/white. Afterwards, she decides to perform the action of continuing on her path/turning back or something.

    That same woman seeing the same man when walking into, say, a police station where he is working, prioritises differently. It would go, from most important to least: relevant to reason for being at station/irrelevant, looking at her/not looking at her, handsome/not handsome etc etc where right at the bottom of the priority list might be dangerous/safe. Afterwards, she will perform the action of perhaps talking to that man or not, but will not consider changing path because the factor of danger is not relevant in this context and so is of very low priority in the determination.

    People on the left more often have mangled, abnormal thinking arising largely from indoctrination and do not prioritise information properly. They often place factors like sexual preference above danger/safety, or race above factors like professional qualification.

    People on the right tend to think more clearly/naturally and so are often unable to perceive, let alone understand, this totally different prioritisation/categorisation.

    Religious people tend to be similarly perplexed/irritated at the abnormal thinking of these types.

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        1. I can only talk about what I perceive. In my mind, I see a kind of math equation, where something is calculated as being good or bad by adding up a bunch of factors that have a weighting. Important factors have a higher weighting than unimportant ones, and the weighting changes depending on environment/context.

          So in regards to the question about whether a woman should change path when she sees a man late at night, the equation would look like:

          change direction = 1000x(how dangerous he looks) + 1000x(how close he is to me) + 500x(how interested he looks) +3x(how gay he looks) + 2x(how Chinese he looks)

          where the way it works is something like you would change direction if the total number is above 2000 or something.

          According to this analogy the thing going wrong with leftists is that their weighting for danger is tiny, like a 3, when it should be 1000, and high for a stupid factor like whether a person is white when it should be zero for that.

          Because of that stupid and unrealistic weighting of factors, the leftist would turn and run when confronted by a safe looking white man yet pass close-by to a dangerous dark skinned gay immigrant, because their dopey brain computer calculation gave a high reading for whiteness and a low reading for danger.

          One day in the future I hope that all of this can be figured out by those working on artificial intelligence so that we can actually quantify how crazy some people are.


          1. I like it. It seems very plausible.

            But then… the first thing I do in any unfamiliar building is figure out where all the exits are. Perhaps that makes me naturally conservative 😉


  5. OT: Bad Cat has collected a lovely collection of Pravda-worthy propaganda:

    It seems MSM is anticipating a noticeable (i.e. not able to be hidden from the public) rise in heart problems and strokes in young people, and are pre-emptively blaming it on everything from lockdown eating to cannabis to climate change. You know– everything but the current global medical experimentation on the public.


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