Not Worth It

People who have newly (and oldly) received passwords! Please don’t narc on me to the authorities. I’ll be fine but you’ll carry it on your conscience forever. Your eternal soul (or mental health, if you prefer) doesn’t deserve to suffer on my account. I’m not worth it.

10 thoughts on “Not Worth It

  1. Clarissa, I shall never narc on you. Your prickly posts keep me on my toes, which is much appreciated, especially because if reincarnation exists (I don’t think it does, but there’s hope), I want my clumsy self to come back as a Baryshnikov. Plus, I don’t narc on people. Plus I don’t even own a Twitter account, largely because, as a recovering academic Indologist, 140 characters barely covers the alphabet. (And if you know Devanagari, that’s f—in’ funny.)

    Jokes aside, I still have no idea what the password is or how to get it. I’m sure to enjoy your password protected posts as much or more than your non-protected ones,


      1. If you don’t mind me asking, is this open to anyone or just people you know or who have been around for awhile? I ask b/c I’ve been curious about some of the post titles that pop up occasionally, and quite frankly have very much enjoyed reading your blog and all the comments.


    1. No but I do have a troll who’s been haunting me since 2011 and who has tried to penetrate the password wall. It’s kind of sad that a person would be so obsessed with someone as insignificant as me for a decade. Aren’t there more exciting evildoers around?


      1. “… but I do have a troll who’s been haunting me since 2011 …”

        That’s some dedication right there.

        Couldn’t the troll go get another day job or something?

        I just have the occasional CCP trolls that show up when I’m Turning Japanese and they don’t like seeing the results, especially when I troll them head-on by telling them I’m in favour of restoring The Empire of Japan’s former territory of Taiwan to Japanese rule.

        BTW, don’t want a password, don’t need a password, and you may proceed to talk unrepentant smack about me in your online treehouse to your heart’s content. πŸ™‚

        (A hint to my CCP trolls: ζ—₯ζœ¬δΊΊγ˜γ‚ƒγͺい。)


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