Two More Generations

Remember, it’s the grandchildren of these young commissars that will lead us out of this mess. Not by doing anything but simply by feeling absolutely nothing but contempt and boredom when hearing today’s “diverse slogans.”

Of course, we don’t have to wait for the grandchildren of today’s 18-year-olds. We could stop reacting to the slogans ourselves. However, the trick is that after the rot has gone this deep, everybody has to become indifferent to the slogans. 100% of people. It doesn’t matter that there will always be cynical operators eager to exploit the slogans for personal gain. That’s unimportant as long as nobody takes the slogans seriously.

To give an example, if somebody posits a question like this one, not a single person who isn’t completely senile would think, “yes, there might be something to this”:

It doesn’t matter if people still publicly proclaim this silliness as true. Freedom comes when nobody who isn’t severely cognitively impaired can seriously believe that Harris is being criticized because she’s “a woman of color.”

Since that’s impossible right now, we’ve got to wait for it to happen naturally. Herd immunity to the warm feelings of sweet self-righteousness one can derive from these slogans develops in the third generation.

I know this is not what anybody wants to hear but I honestly don’t believe anything else will work. This is religious fanaticism without a god. I grew up in a country that was built by exactly this kind of fanatics and destroyed by their grandchildren who couldn’t be assed to believe any longer. Since the woke fanatics are into self-worship, they are shitty parents who can’t transmit their faith down the line.* The children are too beaten down to react at all but the grandchildren have enough freedom to not care.

So yeah, by the beginning of the next century, this crazy stuff will be done for sure.

* And that’s how they differ from a traditionally religious society where there is an immutable law outside of the self. That kind of society can last for a thousand years.

P.S. See here:

How do you think her children are going to feel about this stuff when they grow up? Or any children who grow up on this? What about their children? What are the chances they won’t roll their eyes at the silly old lady prattling on about the frumpy old systemic racisms? I adored my great-grandma but it never occurred to me to share her sincere Communist beliefs. Not that she ever tried to inculcate them into me because even though she was a Stalinist (literally), she wasn’t as far gone as the people who buy the “anti-racist baby” books.

I feel sorry for the poor tykes of the batshit crazy momma, of course, but we all carry out burdens.

12 thoughts on “Two More Generations

    1. “identifying as an anti-racist racist, who as a white person, is inherently racist”

      Almost poetic.

      Karl Marx’s famous observation concerning M.A. theses seems to apply perfectly here – namely, “Hegel remarks somewhere that all great world-historic M.A. theses on anti-racist racism (written by white persons) repeat themselves, so to speak, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as parody, the second time as farce.”


  1. Those books… sigh. Any kid with even a modicum of intelligence knows propaganda when he sees it. The kid may even read and embrace that crap, but later, when he grows up? He will spit on it. There’s nothing worse than books that are Trying To Teach The Children Something. Faugh!

    I remember it from my own childhood, when well-meaning people would give me Evangelical Christian tween novels — I remember Frank Peretti, and the “Mandy” books with particular loathing. I read them of course, because I read compulsively anything in my possession. And they instilled in me a lifelong revulsion for anything that resembles Evangelical pop culture (shudders).

    So when Dad, with the best of intentions, sent us a set of Tuttle Twins books for our kids (i.e. stories about free-market principles for kids), we quietly disappeared them. Because I like Von Mises and Hayek and Rothbard and that crew, even if I don’t agree with them on everything, and I would kind of like it if my kids could also dig them. And I know the surest way to turn them off of it is to propagandize them with it at an early age. Yeesh.


    1. “Those books… sigh. Any kid with even a modicum of intelligence knows propaganda when he sees it.”

      I remember being maybe 10 and reading some book on two homeless orphans in New York City. I remember feeling so sorry for their plight, for the mistreatments, and the starvation. But then the kids wandered to some harbor and Russian shipmen invited them to eat with them, and told them that in Russia there aren’t any homeless children and everyone’s life is just perfect. I threw the book against the wall and was so upset that I’ve been tricked into reading a propaganda book.

      The thing is though, I knew that whatever concerned stories about the wonders of the real socialism was bullshit because everyone in my direct surrounding hated the system and the lies. If a child grows up with adults who are some ideological automatons, they will not develop the critical thinking until later in life.

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      1. True enough. I had some immunity to Evangelical pop-culture idiocy because A) My Dad was Catholic, and B) I grew up on a steady diet of much better literature, so I recognized formulaic crap writing when I saw it. I was probably… 12 or 13 by the time I read those books? By then, I had read George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind and The Princess and the Goblin and Kingsley’s The Water Babies which are far more theologically/philosophically complex (and possibly heretical), along with a huge collection of vintage fairy tale collections and Edith Nesbit books that my mother had rescued from the library discard bin, and probably at least a few of my sister’s Agatha Christie collection. Once a child has read and loved those, you can’t sell her humorless schlock like Peretti.

        But there was clearly a large market for that stuff, so… (shrugs). I like to think it was all purchased by well-meaning adults who never read it. But I know there were kids who actually liked the stuff.

        You’re probably right.


  2. I have friends who subscribed to some “diverse books for children” club that delivers monthly or quarterly woke books for their toddler. I couldn’t believe it. I wonder if the owners of this book club are laughing all their way to the bank. I would be.

    Why waste a child’s preciously short childhood on bad books just so you, the parent, can win cheap political or social media points?


  3. Respectfully, I don’t think that it needs generations. All of this woke critical race stupidity only really works when life is relatively comfortable.

    When people are hungry, no one wants to hear it or cares. Since the world is clearly sliding into economic turmoil, I think that a lot of people with bigger problems will simply stop listening all on their own.

    In the beginning of the pandemic, for example, people stopped caring about pronouns completely. Case numbers were stated in biological terms only and no one said a word.

    Imo it’ll be like that when the calamity really takes hold.


    1. Well (checks watch)– should be over by spring, then. I just read that 37% of US truckers and a third of poultry inspectors will be dropped from their jobs over the mandates. For poultry inspectors, the deadline is… Dec 5?. Other industries are looking at somewhere between Nov 30 and early January. If they go through with it, we will see massive food shortages before the end of the year.

      It’s like a massive game of chicken right now. Probably (hopefully?) the fedgov will blink, and extend the deadlines indefinitely until everyone stops taking any of that seriously. If not… take those statistics an extend them across every industry whose day-to-day operations are mostly performed by rural working-class people: meatpacking, slaughterhouses, trucking, canneries, whatever you call the places where people turn fresh green beans into cut frozen green beans… just shuffle through, in your head, the result of firing a third of the workforce, across the board. Not even illegal immigrants will be enough to make up the difference.


      1. @methylethyl: “should be over by spring, then”

        Where I live, it has already begun. Local businesses have banded together to form an entity sufficient to raise a third party, which has horrified both establishment parties. Regular people have created vaccine adverse reaction reporting sites that have totally changed the government narrative.

        Marches and protests have grown despite police brutality and targeting of leaders, while importantly to our discussion, the usual loud leftist voices are being pummelled.

        The atmosphere is very different compared to that, say, a month ago.


        1. I wish I was seeing that kind of resistance here. I’m really afraid that things are going to have to fall a lot further before people get uncomfortable enough to resist meaningfully in the US. Two of my family members are working for a large industrial company that took on a billion-dollar DoD contract a while back. The company employs more than a thousand people– most of them steel-toe guys: welders, pipefitters, painters, heavy-equipment operators, etc.– their vixen non-compliance numbers look about the same as the poultry industry’s. No formal survey yet, but anywhere from 25% to 40% of the employees are not complying with the mandates, and will quit or be fired rather than do so, including the entire engineering department. The company cannot spare even 5% of them, and there is no way they could replace even 20%. It’s in Florida, and DeSantis is doing his best to protect employees’ rights, but it’s not looking good for defense contractors. The company owners have let all the employees know that they will not be trying to enforce mandates, as that’s a fool’s errand, that they’ll keep going as long as possible hoping for further enforcement delays, but the day they meet a hard deadline for the mandates, they will turn off the lights, lock the front gates, and declare bankruptcy.

          And they’re just one of many, many companies facing the same situation. On the one hand, right now I worry that nothing will change. Because currently, nothing is changing except inflation. But realistically, the sand is running out of the glass at an alarming rate. So even while frustrated by the seeming inertia, I worry that everything will change very, very fast, sometime between Thanksgiving and mid-January. It looks like we’ll have a convergence of massive food supply disruptions and massive unemployment– not just of the un-vixenated, but also the other two-thirds of the employees at every facility they used to work for, as those places cannot function without them, and are forced to shut down.

          Whether you’re for or against the mandates, that’s an ugly scenario for absolutely everyone, and I wish to heaven the people pushing the mandates would stop looking at it as “dirty noncompliants must be punished” and start seeing it as the giant nation-breaking logistical fustercluck that it is. I have never before in my life seen such an epidemic of cranio-rectal auto-impaction in our leadership.


          1. Over here all it took were mandates causing mass layoffs and some business closures. Food security and pricing isn’t a problem here. Logically, if you are facing both layoffs and food security problems, then whatever happens where you are should be more rapid than it was for us.

            So that you have a point of reference, over here everything was significantly altered a week after the layoffs. It shouldn’t be too different over there.

            I actually have a lot of confidence in all of you Americans to deal with this. As loud and annoying as you can sometimes be, you’re a capable bunch so long as you don’t fight amongst yourselves too much.


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