Another Lockdown?

What? There is season 2 of Tiger King? Is another lockdown coming or am I paranoid?

7 thoughts on “Another Lockdown?

  1. Another lockdown is definitely coming in EU. EU is losing it, in my opinion (forced vaccinations in Austria with other countries soon to follow – it is not a question of “if” but “when”) and at this point I have no desire to ever go back there. I am disgusted at what is happening and disappointed with all the people who are supporting this regime. I’m not entirely sure if the US will follow or not with the lockdown, but it is likely, I think. However, I do not follow how it all connects to Tiger King (I don’t watch Netflix).

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    1. I keep seeing those things in the news, and wondering how long til the next big European war. But I don’t have a good feel for sentiment in Europe– it’s very mysterious to me. Is there outmigration from Austria and Lithuania to other EU countries yet? Would we hear about it if there was?


      1. Lithuania has been losing the younger generation to immigration since they stupidly joined the EU. It’s a national tragedy of the country. They are doing everything to make it worse, though.

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      2. Like Clarissa said, migration has been mostly economic from former socialist countries (like Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania…) into the “western” countries like Germany, France, Austria, UK. I am not aware of migration due to corona rules like inside the US. I think there is nowhere to run, each of the countries has their brand of Corona craziness. Already before Austria announced the forced vaccination, politicians from other countries were publicly saying that it is just a question of time when a country will attempt that. Depending on how things will go in Austria other countries are sure to follow. The only hope is for Austrians to fight against this in all possible ways and for people in other countries to support them. I am not very optimistic though, as there is a relatively high level of support for this craziness among the regular people. Austria is a test case for what’s coming for the rest of the EU. Believe it or not, compliant people in other countries are eagerly awaiting for the mandate to come to them as well.


    2. I don’t know, I think they’d avoid locking down for as long as possible. So many people are still trying to dig their way out financially, and even large businesses (those with the lobbyists) lost a lot of money. The hospital I work for actually started paying more for essential workers to work than the money it was taking in, and this isn’t a tiny rural hospital we’re talking about. Looting and violence in the area stopped almost completely once things opened back up. I don’t know about other places but I’ve heard similar stories. From what I can tell they want to avoid another lockdown at all costs.

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