Winner Meme

And the winner of the meme day is this gem:

Is it even a meme if it’s true?

20 thoughts on “Winner Meme

  1. Only good memes are true. They’re a comedic form, and like any joke they have to concisely (“apocalyptically”) reveal some sort of transgressive truth in order to work. That’s why these chumps who call themselves leftists these days can’t meme, why their comedy is failing across the board. They’ve become propaganda mouth pieces for the oligarchs, and so can only “tell the truth” when it is expedient. That’s not funny.

    Brittle prideful power cloaks itself in ritual lies, opponents seek to subvert that power with mockery. For mockery to work, for it to wound and truly free hearts and minds, it must be rooted in truth. In a system where power is evenly distributed, everyone can be funny. In totalitarian systems, only the opposition and exiles can

    Jokes are far beneath Saruman’s dignity. The Mouth of Sauron is never amusing, except when he prat falls and dies. Thugs and bullies beneath their aura of terror are always somehow absurd. That’s pretty funny. Take courage therefore, hit the bastards where it truly hurts: their hypocritical dignity and pride. Keep mocking and laughing at them until they fall.

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    1. It’s true, the left can’t meme. They are too angry and self-righteous for that. What they have to be angry about if they’ve won everything already is a mystery.


      1. On some level if your whole personal religion is about continual progress and making the world a better place, and you then get everything you want… and it’s not the bright shiny future you ordered, that’s got to be rather, um, disappointing? Embarrassing? How are the worshipers of the god Progress supposed to feel when they win everything, and it makes the world a worse shthole than it was before? Particularly in the places *where they won the most?

        Anger’s a secondary emotion. We feel it when we can’t face more painful things like grief, humiliation, betrayal, or fear. What might the Twelve Apostles have felt, if, after Christ gave them the power to cast out demons and heal the sick and the lame… the people they tried to heal had instead developed monstrous deformities or died? I think it’s kind of like that for the Progress-worshippers right now. They’re in deep denial, but on some level, they know. They know that they got everything they wanted, and what that looks like in real life is a global dumpster fire.

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  2. @El or Clarissa:

    Would one of you Russian linguists please translate the image message, so that the 90% of your readers who can’t tell Russian script from Chinese can get in on the joke?? Thank you!

    (Online translation programs such as Google, etc.can’t translate foreign words on graphic images, because nothing in the graphic image is coded as text rather than as simply part of the background visual design,)

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    1. The big writing on top: Burial of unvaccinated forbidden (followed by some contact information)

      The caption says (roughly): Short (lesson?) about Christianity, equality and human rights


        1. “baptism in a new religious cult”

          interesting observation!

          “unbaptized aren’t allowed to be buried at a Christian cemetery”

          Not to be too big a smarty pants, but I think, yes, this is sometimes true, but not always true.

          More solid ground would be that neither the western or eastern Christian traditions are likely to permit a religious funeral service for unbaptized adults.

          And, at least within Orthodoxy, there is a special exception to this exclusion for unbaptized infants.


          1. Well, we’ve been promised vaccination of infants by spring, so I guess unvaccinated infants will be kept out as well. This new form of baptism isn’t as forgiving as the Christian one.


            1. This is terrifying. Have you seen the report out of Canada noting a 29x increase in stillbirths among the vaccinated?

              WTF do they think is going to be the result in infants?


              1. “Canada… 29x increase in stillbirths among the vaccinated”

                Skeptical me is highly skeptical of any such report. 29X??

                I’m thinking it would be way too big for the wokesters to cover up, even if they were motivated to do so, even in Canada. And, if true, it would hardly be a phenomenon that would have previously passed unnoticed by physicians in other countries.

                Although it’s a given that Canada’s media is staffed by wokesters from top to bottom, the numbers speak for themselves in the article linked below and the research reported there sounds more credible than not as it is based on public information that would be difficult to fake.


                (BTW Happy Thanksgiving, American cousins. May you feast in joy!)


  3. @GSW: re: “Skeptical me is highly skeptical of any such report. 29X??”

    You’re right to be skeptical. It’s a wee tiny crumb. Maybe just a rumor.
    I’m not expert enough to evaluate the data. But here’s what I’m seeing:

    Kirsch, who sometimes plays fast and loose with the data and suffers from a fair amount of confirmation bias, mentions it here:

    So, you know, if I had just read it there, I would be inclined to sit back, and let more data come in, before mentioning it in public. Because he’s a good way to embarrass yourself.

    But he mentions a thing I ran across previously, where Scotland is investigating a mysterious spike in neonate deaths.

    Even so, that’s… it’s patchy. Not enough info to draw any real conclusions. It’s frustratingly… suggestive.

    What finally pushed me over onto the side of “Oh, that’s probably real!” was this:

    MSN felt the need to fact-check this internet rumor. Lately, “fact check” is just code for “cover the narrative’s arse”. Glancing over the article, I see that while the Waterloo thing mentioned stillbirths (by definition, pregnancy loss after 20 weeks), the article wants you to know that:

    “A study published last week in the New England Journal of Medicine found no evidence of an increased risk for early pregnancy loss after COVID-19 vaccination, adding to the findings from other research supporting COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy.”

    That is so blatantly misleading, it trips my personal “pants on fire” alarm immediately.

    That’s not evidence for or against an increase in stillbirths. It’s referencing a study that ONLY talks about miscarriage before 20 weeks. Remember, stillbirths are after 20 weeks. Here’s that link:

    See how it says “first trimester” right there in the title? Pants. On. Fire. Either they are ignorant AF and shouldn’t be writing on the subject because they can’t tell the difference between a stillbirth and a miscarriage, or they are being deliberately misleading.

    And about that NEJM study: there was also this recent paper, re-analyzing the CDC’s own data, that found a MISCARRIAGE rate (remember, before 20 weeks) in the neighborhood of 80-90% among vaxed ladies who were pregnant during the trials. Why didn’t the CDC find this? Because they calculated it using 700 women who’d been vaccinated during pregnancy after 20 weeks (out of a total of just barely over 800 pregnancies in the study)! So apparently even the CDC doesn’t know the difference between a stillbirth and a miscarriage. Or they’re deliberately fudging the numbers. Here’s that paper:

    Click to access adf864_2bd97450072f4364a65e5cf1d7384dd4.pdf

    At this point I’m inclined to believe that’s lying, rather than just idiocy. YMMV. I believe the 29x until I see something come along from a source I trust, explaining why that’s not what it looks like. I do not trust MSN fact-checkers who can’t get even the most basic pregnancy facts straight. It’s still small sample sizes, and there are issues with that. If you reach different conclusions, I don’t blame you. But that’s how I got there. Because I smell a lie. I don’t know how big a lie, or precisely what is being lied about, but there is lying going on, and people don’t lie to make themselves and their buddies look worse.


    1. “Maybe just a rumor.”

      Or maybe just a lie? It’s not as if there’s any shortage of liars and crazies (on all sides) these days.

      29X, seriously? Working doctors and nurses are not big pharma. Most care deeply about the health of their patients. A serious, sudden spike in stillbirths related to COVID vaccination simply could not be silenced by the wokesters (even in Canada.)

      I wouldn’t pretend to understand much about the technical/medical issues here but alarmist reports like this will fail my personal smell test unless credible evidence emerges.

      That being said, I did find this published study about Pfizer vaccination from Israel that included 15,000 pregnant women that found that “during the study follow-up period, 1387 (18.4%) of the vaccinated women and 1427 (18.9%) of the unvaccinated reached the end of pregnancy. There were no notable differences between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups regarding preeclampsia, intrauterine growth restriction, infant birth weight, abortions, stillbirth, maternal death, or pulmonary embolism.”


      1. It could be a lie. Or it could be a coincidence, or a one-time anomaly that happened in one place for reasons unrelated to the vaccine. Small sample sizes can give weird results. But since the official sources have been caught blatantly lying, I’m not inclined to disbelieve the rumor, just because the official sources contradict it. I would like to see more information. Even the UK with its awesome medical data collection has been doing some skeezy things with their numbers lately.

        I understand that’s a minority opinion, and hold no ill-will toward you or anyone else who disagrees. I just have a thing about being lied to, and as a result find wacky internet rumor slightly more plausible than official sources on this topic. It’d be nice if there were any sources that could be completely relied upon, but since the sources who control the raw data have been lying, that’s not even an option. I realize that does not rule out the possibility that others are lying too or even that everyone is lying. And that’s frustrating.

        So I continue to aggregate rumors and bits of info wherever I come across them, to see if something like a real shape emerges. Only time will sort it out, I think.


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